PC-Cards (Postcards)


Ullman Football PostcardThe PC-Cards include various postcards. These postcards range in size but most are in the 3 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ range. Backs also vary but, in general, feature either a divider line to separate the recipient’s address and message or are without a divider line.

While football cards in the pre-war era are few compared to baseball, one area where they are plentiful is in postcards.

Now, many issues featured only fans (often females) and cheerleaders for particular teams and they were generally seen with pennants. It may be difficult to classify some of those as football issues but the fact that so many similar ones are pictured with football players or equipment means that they really deserve to be considered football issues.

Because those issues are numerous, though, we have limited the ones here to those that either include equipment, stadium, or football players, or have a cheer printed on them, clearly identifying them as a sports issue.

In addition, several football postcards also were instrumental in linking the sport with Thanksgiving. Other football postcards were also classified as Vinegar Valentine issues.

Finally, numerous individual issues (including those featuring Jim Thorpe) are available, too. For the sake of brevity, however, only sets and those individual ones featuring professional players are listed below.


AH Rah Rah Football Postcards
1906 A.H. Rah Rah Series
Archie Gunn National Art Mascot Postcard
Archie Gunn / National Art
Company Fan/Mascot
Coming Champs Football Postcard
1907 Beaty ‘The Coming Champs’
Book Mark Company
College Series
College Girl Series Foldout Pennant Postcard - Harvard Football (1900s)
College Girl Series
Foldout Pennants
1910 Colonial Art Publishing Company Football Postcards
1910 Colonial Art
Romantic Comedy
Decorative Poster Company HC 1-12 Series 1907 Dietsche Michigan Football Postcard
1907 Dietsche
Michigan Wolverines
Douglass Fan/Pennants
Earl Christy Embossed College Series Postcard
1907 Earl Christy Embossed
College Series
Earl Christy Woman Football Fan with Wall Postcard Stadium
Earl Christy Embossed
EAS College Series
Earl Christy Fan Buggy Postcard Type 2 - Harvard (1906) - Copy.jpg
Earl Christy
Female Sports Postcards
Earl Christy Platinachrome Postcard.png
Earl Christy Platinachrome
Earl Christy College Kings Postcards
Earl Christy / Raphael Tuck
College Kings and Queens
Earl Christy University Girls Football Postcards.jpg
Earl Christy / Raphael Tuck Girls Sitting on Seals
Earl Christy / Valentine
1907 Emanuel College Boy Jim Thope Exhibit Postcard - Yellow Background
1931 Exhibit Movie Star
Football and Marriage Postcard
Football and Marriage Poem Postcards
Franz Huld College Girls Gassaway Rotograph Football Player Postcard (1906) - Copy.jpg
1906 Gassaway Rotograph
1908 Gold Background Women Sports Postcard Football
1908 Gold Background
Woman Sports Postcards
Illustrated Postcard Company of NY College Football Girl Poem
1905 Illustrated Post Card
5004 Poem Series
1905 Bergman Princeton
1905 J. Bergman College
Austen Bernardt College Football Postcard.jpg
J.I. Austen
College Girl Athletes
Austen Football Boy Postcard
J.I. Austen Football Boy
1906 J. Tully Sports Children
1907 Julius Bien Earl Christy College Series 95 Football Postcard
1907 Julius Bien / Earl Christy College Series
M. Greiner Postcard
M. Greiner Basketball and
Football Women Fans
Manhattan Post Card Company Rah Rah
1929 Notre Dame Postcards 1932 Notre Dame Postcard
1932 Notre Dame Postcards
OIlette Tuck Football 2344 Postcard
Oilette / Raphael Tuck
Football 2344 Series
Oilette Tuck New England Postcard Series
Oilette / Raphael Tuck
New England College Series
1912 Olympiska Spelens
1916 Oregon State
University Football
1907 P. Gordon No. 5100 Football Series Postcard
1907 P. Gordon 5100
Football Series
Jack Ernst
1926 Pottsville Maroons
1906 R. Hill Poem Football Postcard.jpg
1906 R. Hill Poem
1906 R. Hill Rah Rah
University Series
1905 Outcault Harvard Yale Football Postcard
1905 R.F. Outcault /
J. Ottmann Sports Cartoons
Grange Exhibit (One Minute to Play)
1928 Red Grange ‘One Minute to Play’ Exhibits
1907 The Rose Company Postcard Football Player
1907 The Rose Company
1907 Rotograph
1905 Souvenir Football Postcard College Girls
1905 Souvenir
College Girl Series
Dick Merriwell Tip Top Weekly Football Postcard
Tip Top Weekly
Ullman Football Postcard
1905 Ullman College Baseball and Football
1909 Ullman College Baby Postcard Yale.jpg
1909 Ullman College Babies
Birch 1909 Yale Postcard.jpg1909 Yale Postcards

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