B-Cards (Blankets/Felts)


Tennis B33 FeltB-Cards represent the mini-blanket sets and felt items (including felts and pennants). These were unique collectibles that were issued in lieu of cards by some manufacturers. While most were non-sports related (i.e. flags, college logos/seals, and Native American issues were popular), several sports-themed blanket/felt issues do exist.

As noted by Jefferson Burdick in the American Card Catalog, these were often distributed inside of envelopes and most do not include the name of the manufacturer’s name. Burdick also notes that these had various uses, including for the sewing of pillows and bedspreads. The miniature rugs were even used in dollhouses and for all sorts of household items.

In order to fit these unique items into products, they were sometimes folded.

Several items were printed with tassels at the ends of them with some having been trimmed for the purposes of which Burdick spoke – to be sewn together to create household items. These, of course, are not as valuable as fully intact items.

Below are blankets/felts with known tennis issues.


Tennis B33 Felt
B33 College Pennants / Felt Blankets
B16 College Seals Flannels

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