Track and Field

Collectors will find numerous track and field cards in the pre-war era. While a large amount of these were international issues, track and field cards are found in American-based sets, too, including the popular T218 Champions set.

Cards of do-it-all athlete Jim Thorpe are among the most valuable of track and field issues. However, cards of the legendary Jesse Owens have surged in value and his early cards can cost hundreds of dollars and, in some cases of high-grade examples, thousands.

While those cards are found in the 20th century, however, 19th century track and field cards are popular, too. The sport is represented in the Champions sets from Allen & Ginter, Kimball, and Goodwin tobacco brands, and also seen on 19th century trade cards.

Due to the overwhelming number of track and field sets, only sets listed in the American Card Catalog, as well as some other uncataloged popular issues with a large amount of track and field cards, are listed below. Due to his popularity, pre-war sets with Jesse Owens are also cataloged here.


1936 Alfa Jesse Owens
1936 Alfa Olympics
1932 Astra Margarine

1932 Bulgaria Sport-Photos

1910 Champion Athletes

1939 Churchman
Kings of Speed
Cloetta Jack Dempsey Boxing
1930s Cloetta / Cloetta Ross

1934/1935 Deutscher Sport
(Bulgaria, Jasmatzi, Josetti, Salem)
Greiling Boxing
1926-36 Greiling

1936 Muhlen Franck Olympia

1909-10 Murad
College Series (T51)

1935-36 Muratti Cigarettes

1910 National Licorice
Champion Athletes (D353/E229)

1937 Ogden
Champions of 1936

1901 Ogden Tabs
Leading Athletes

1936 Olympiade
(Lodix, Sigella, Sidol)

1913 Pan Handle Scrap
World’s Champion Athletes (T230)
1936 Pet Cremer Olympia Basketball.jpg
1936 Pet Cremer Olympia

1932 Reemtsma Cigarettes

1936 Reemtsma Olympia

1932 Sanella Margarine

1910-12 T218 Champions
(Honest, Mecca, Tolstoi)

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