Pre-War Baseball Card Sets

Sisler Turf Top

By far and away, baseball is the most popular U.S. pre-war card sport. Boasting literally hundreds of sets, baseball has more than enough pre-war cards for collectors. Cards were packaged with all sorts of products before 1940, including candy, tobacco, gum, food, and publications. Baseball cards date back to the 1800s and were quite popular from practically their inception.

Below are the various types of sets as categorized in the American Card Catalog. New to pre-war cards and unfamiliar with what these designations mean? You can learn a little more about pre-war cards here.

A (Albums)

B (Blanket) Cards

C and V (Canadian) Cards

D (Bakery) Cards

E (Candy) Cards

F (Food) Cards

G (Banner) Cards

H (Advertising) Cards

J (Soda) Cards

K (Coffee) Cards

L (Leather) Cards

M (Magazine/Publication) Cards

N (19th Century) Cards

P (Pins)

PC (Postcards)

R (Gum/Additional Candy) Cards

S (Silks/Stamps)

T (Tobacco) Cards

U (Gasoline/Miscellaneous) Cards

W (Strip) Cards

WG (Gaming) Cards

Z (Paper Dolls) Cards

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