M-Cards (Magazine/Publication)


001M-Cards are issues from magazines and publications. Because many of these were often inserts in publications, most are photos/supplements and other types of inserts – not standard trading cards.

One of the few exceptions to this are the M101-4 and M101-5 sets. These cards are often called Sporting News series’ because their advertisements are found on the backs of many. However, the same sets were used by a variety of companies and also include back advertisements for those instead of Sporting News. The M116 Sporting Life set is another popular M-Card set.

The M-Cards are different from others in that they are dominated by the aforementioned supplements. Inserting baseball cards became commonplace in the post-war era with magazines such as Sports Illustrated for Kids. But in the pre-war era, most publications chose to insert larger supplements and pictures instead.

While many of the supplements are beautiful issues, one downside is that they were often printed on thin paper. Because of that, the supplements will often be found creased and with rips or tears. It is easy to damage these fragile issues and they should be stored with a higher-than-usual amount of protection.

In terms of the supplements, note that those inserts that are not cataloged in the American Card Catalog (with M- designations) have not been given individual pages below. However, a list of those sets can be found here, on a separate page.

Finally, another somewhat popular insert were those featuring baseball games. These usually involved die-cut game pieces of generic players, which were then used on a playing surface that would have been included in the publication as well. Sheets with the game pieces and board still attached and uncut are the most valuable. However, as you might expect, plenty of these are found with the game pieces separated. Those still have some value and are attractive particularly to type or game collectors who don’t need the entire game.


1916 Altoona Tribune (M101-4)
1898 Baltimore Americans National Game Base Ball Supplement Piece
1898 Baltimore Americans
The National Game
Base Ball Supplement
1914 Baltimore News Ruth.jpg
1914 Baltimore News
M131 Devlin.jpg
1911 Baltimore News
Newsboys (M131)
M114 Brandt.jpg
Baseball Magazine Posters
(M113 & M114)
1906 Boston Sunday American Three Finger Brown Flip Book
1906 Boston Sunday
American Three Finger
Brown Flipbook
1896 Boston Globe Die Cuts
1896 Boston Sunday Globe
1937 Cleveland Press
Indians Album
M120 18 Owen.jpg
1935 Detroit Free Press
1935 Detroit Times Hank Greenberg Supplement
1935 Detroit Sunday Times
Tigers Supplements
1940s Editorial Bruguera Babe Ruth
1940s Editorial Bruguera
Sportsmen of the World
1916 The Globe
John McGraw 1923 My Thirty Years in Baseball Promotional Card
1923 John McGraw
My 30 Years in Baseball
1896 The Journal Baseball Game Supplement
1896 The Journal
Baseball Game Supplement
1929-1930 King Magazine.jpg
1929/1930 King Magazine
Babe Ruth/Lou Gehrig
1940 Michigan Sportservice Earl Averill
1940 Michigan Sportservice
Detroit Tigers
1890s For the Children Baseball Game Supplement
1900 Minneapolis Times
Baseball Game Die-Cuts
1890s The National Game Supplement
1890s The National Game
1916 New York World
Leaders in Baseball
Walter Johnson Oakland Tribune.jpg
1924-25 Oakland Tribune
Walter Johnson
1947-49 Pacific Coast Baseball News Babe Ruth
1947-49 Pacific Coast
Baseball News Babe Ruth
Jackie Robinson Parade Sportive
1940s Parade Sportive
M128 Police Gazette Thorpe.jpg
1901-17 Police Gazette
Supplements (M128)
Seal Craft Disc Baseball
1930s Seal Craft Discs
Ruth Shonen.jpg
1929 Shonen Club
Babe Ruth Postcard
1947 Sport Magazine
Joe DiMaggio Premium
M116 030 Bresnahan Blue.jpg
1910-12 Sporting Life (M116)
M110 Chance.jpg
1910-11 Sporting Life
Cabinets (M110)
M101-1 Chance.jpg
1899-00 Sporting News
Supplements (M101-1)
1909-13 Sporting News
Supplements (M101-2)
M101-3 2 Cobb.jpg
1915 Sporting News
Postcards (M101-3)
1916 Sporting News /
Mendelsohn (M101-4)
1916 Sporting News /
Mendelsohn (M101-5)
M101-6 Ruth.jpg
Sporting News
Mendelsohn (M101-6)
M101-7 Mostil.jpg
1926 Sporting News
Supplements (M101-7)
Sporting News M101-8 Dizzy Dean.jpg
1932 Sporting News
Supplements (M101-8)
Feller M101-9.jpg
1939 Sporting News
Supplements (M101-9)
M117 Mitchell.jpg
1888 Sporting Times
1916 Successful Farming
The Stage Supplement.jpg
1910 Washington Times.jpg1910 Washington Times

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