PC-Cards (Postcards)


The PC-Cards include various postcards. 001-2These postcards range in size but most are in the 3 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ range. Backs also vary but, in general, feature either a divider line to separate the recipient’s address and message or are without a divider line.

In addition to these cataloged issues, numerous postcards not recognized in the American Card Catalog exist. A list of those issues is being tracked below as ‘Various Uncatalogued Issues.’ However, profiles have not been developed for them due to the sheer volume of sets not listed in the American Card Catalog.

The popular Exhibit Postcards can be found below and also in their proper classification with the W-Cards.

Catalogued Issues

1912 PC742 Boston American Series
1908-11 PC743 Bregstone
1938 PC744 George Burke
1915 PC757 Sporting News (M101-3)
1909-16 PC758 Max Stein
1908-09 PC760 Rose Company
1908-09 PC760 Rose Company Greenfield’s Chocolates
1907-09 PC765 Dietsche
1912 PC766 Robert Robinson
1908 PC770 American League Publishing
1909 PC773-1 Topping and Company
1907-09 PC773-2 Taylor Company
1908 PC773-3 Wolverine News
1908 PC773-4 Detroit Free Press
1907 PC775 Grignon Cubs
1907 PC778 Morgan Stationery
1905 PC782 Rotograph
1905 PC785 Souvenir Postcard Shop of Cleveland
1938-39 PC786 Orcajo Photo Art Cincinnati Reds
1905-09 PC792 Gold Embossed
1910 PC796 Sepia
PC798 Comic Sports Post Cards
1919 PC799 Reds World Champions
1907-10 PC805 Novelty Cutlery

Exhibits and Uncatalogued Issues

1922 Eastern Exhibit Supply Postcards
1931-1932 Exhibit Supply Company Postcard (Babe Ruth)
1925-1931 Postcard-Backed Exhibits
1925-1931 Postcard-Backed 4-on-1 Exhibits (Multi-sport)
1929 Star Picture Stamp Exhibit (Babe Ruth)

Other Uncatalogued Postcards

Various Uncatalogued Issues

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