C-Cards/T-Cards (Tobacco)


vezinac55The C-Cards and T-Cards represent tobacco issues and are one of the most popular of the designations given by Jefferson Burdick in the American Card Catalog. C-Cards represent tobacco issues in Canada while T-Cards identify those produced in the U.S. and outside of Canada.

These were cards that were either packaged directly with tobacco products or issued separately by tobacco companies. A few, such as Sweet Caporal issues, are American cards. The bulk, however, are from Canada or in other parts of the world as hockey had a limited U.S. audience.

In addition to the catalogued issues, a host of other pre-war hockey cards were left undefined by Burdick but are presented below.

Catalogued Cards

1911-12 C55
1910-11 C56
1912-13 C57
1924-25 C144 Champ’s Cigarettes
1909-11 T6 Murad College Series – Cabinet Cards (Multi-Sport/U.S.)
1902-13 T7 Turkish Trophies / Hamilton King Girls (Multi-Sport/U.S.)
1909-11 T51 Murad College Series (Multi-Sport/U.S.)

Uncatalogued Cards

1932 Bulgaria Cigarette (Multi-Sport/Germany)
1929 Imperial/Churchman Sports & Games of Many Lands (Multi-Sport/UK)
1935 J.A. Pattreiouex Sporting Events and Stars
1927 Lambert & Butler World of Sport (Multi-Sport/UK)
1938-39 Larus and Brother Bruins Photos (U.S.)
1934-35 MacDonald’s British Consols/Brier Watch Who Wins
1935-36 Muratti Cigarettes Olympic Sports (Multi-Sport/German)
1901-02 Ogden’s Tabs Cigarettes General Interest (Multi-Sport/UK)
1932 Reemtsma Cigarettes Olympia (Multi-Sport/Germany)
1936 Reemtsma Cigarettes Olympia (Multi-Sport/Germany)
1937 Senior Service Winter Scenes (Multi-Sport/U.K.)
1934-35 Sweet Caporal Montreal Forum’s Gallery of Hockey Stars Photos
1910-11 Sweet Caporal Postcards (U.S.)
1937 Wills British Sporting Personalities (Multi-Sport/UK)

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