WG-Cards (Gaming)


Three Canuck Advertising HockeyThese were cards issued as part of various games. Despite their age, gaming cards can also be found in excellent condition. Part of that is due to the cards’ manufactured rounded corners, which help them exhibit less wear than cards with originally-sharp corners. Another factor is that some games were boxed away and used only sparingly. While somewhat rare, it isn’t impossible to find complete game sets up for auction where the cards appear virtually untouched.

Interest in gaming cards varies, depending on the issue. Those featuring pictures/names of actual players are generally more desirable than those that have pictures of generic players. Basic action cards (those with only words on them to allow for game play) are not usually as sought after as those with pictures on them. However, they can also be an inexpensive option for type collectors that simply want any card from a particular set for their collection.

Note that the WG-Card designation was initially given to types of greeting cards in the American Card Catalog. Similar to the N-Card designation which has changed over time, this is another one that is used differently by today’s collectors.

It should also be noted that many more pre-war hockey games exist. However, this site focuses only on ones with cards as a part of them.


Macdonald British Consols Hockey Joker Card
1920s-1940s MacDonald
Joker Playing Cards
Three Canuck Advertising Hockey
Three Cannuck Advertising
Hockey Game

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