U-Cards (Folders/Miscellaneous)


1939 Ross Jewelry Redskins MatcbooksU-Cards are designated in the American Card Catalog as match folders/covers and all other inserts not previously listed in the book. For that reason, I have used this page as sort of a catch all for different types of cards/collectibles that exist but don’t really fit anywhere else.

The most popular issues in this classification are the Diamond Matchbooks, which featured pictures of football players on the exterior of matchbook covers. The 1930s Diamond Matchbooks sets included both collegiate teams (rivalry matchups) and professional players. Most were national or regional issues but at least one in the Ross Jewelry set was specific to a certain area or team (the Washington Redskins).

Other items designated in the U-Card section include gasoline issues. Because of that, uncataloged sets such as the 1936 and 1937 Standard Oil Nebraska Cornhuskers photographs are found here.

Another interesting set in this category is the 1935 Indiana Sport Avion set, which featured airplanes and a variety of sports, including football.

The ‘meat’ of the U-Card categorization was really for matchbooks and folded types of cards/collectibles. In addition to the matchbooks, examples of other types of items found here are cards for:

  • Clothiers
  • Gas Stations
  • Non-Tobacco Cabinet Cards
  • Manufacturers
  • Miscellaneous Novelties
  • Movie Theaters
  • Photography Studios
  • Stores
  • Unknown Companies


1932 Arcade Cards Ivan Williamson.jpg
1932 College Captains
Arcade Cards
Diamond Matchbook FB.jpg
Diamond Matchbooks Sets
Raphael Tuck Giant Relief Die Cut
1888 Raphael Tuck and Sons
Giant Relief Die-Cuts (No. 204)
1888 Raphael Tuck and Sons
Gigantic Relief No. 1141
1939 Ross Jewelry Redskins Matcbooks
1939 Ross Jewelry
Washington Redskins Matchbooks
1937 Nebraska Cornhuskers Standard Oil
1936-37 Standard Oil
Nebraska Cornhuskers Photos
 Walkers Green Bay Packers.jpeg
1931/1932 Walker’s Cleaners
and Tailors Packers Photos

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