PC-Cards (Postcards)


Woman Golf PostcardThe PC-Cards include various postcards. These postcards range in size but most are in the 3 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ range. Backs also vary but, in general, feature either a divider line to separate the recipient’s address and message or are without a divider line.

Postcards featuring various sports were extremely popular. This is particularly true between the dates of around 1905 – 1915.

Postcards can be a gray area for card collectors. While many consider them to be baseball cards of a sort, some collectors ignore them entirely. Because of that, many of the generic  postcards (those depicting the sport but not featuring actual athletes) are often relatively inexpensive. Additionally, postally-used postcards are also more affordable. Those are generally found with some wear and sometimes, due to mail travel, etc., significant damage. However, those that do feature real athletes and teams are highly desired and often valuable.

In addition to postcards featuring real or generic golfers, other types of golf cards feature areas of actual golf courses, such as actual holes on a course or the clubhouse.

Because of the large number of golf postcard issues, only sets are presented here.


A.W. Gamage Postcard Golf
A.W. Gamage
Sports Outfitters Postcards

Earl Christy
Female Sports Postcards
Earl Christy P. Sander Postcard - Hockey (1907)
1907 Earl Christy / P. Sander
Romance Series
lowney's chocolates college girls postcard
1906 Lowney’s Chocolates
College Girls Postcards (E230)
Outcault Golf Postcard1905 R.F. Outcault /
J. Ottmann Sports Cartoons
Rose Company 1907 Golf Postcard
1907 Rose Company
Poem Postcards

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