Swimming & Diving

Swimming and diving cards are certainly a bit of a niche. However, these cards are commonly found in the pre-war era.

Swimming cards, in particular, can be a bit confusing. Many cards, particularly cards of women in bathing suits, can be difficult to categorize. Cards in multi-sport sets are usually safe to classify as true swimming cards. However, others can be harder to classify as sports or non-sports cards.

Most early cards of popular swimmers featured Olympians. Cards of Duke Kahanamoku, a gold medalist, are particularly valuable. But his cards are more sought after for surfing, as he is typically credited with growing that sport’s popularity. Another famous swimmer is Johnny Weissmuller, who also was an actor. Additionally, cards of Annette Kellermann are popular. Kellermann was one of the first women to wear a one-piece bathing suit and also became an actress.

Below are known sets consisting entirely of swimming/diving cards or where swimming/diving has a major presence.


1922 Cowan’s Learn to Swim (V16)

1912 Gallaher Sports Series

1935 Hignett How to Swim

1913 Pan Handle Scraps
Champion Women Swimmers (T221)

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