U-Cards (Match Folders & Miscellaneous)



U-Cards are designated in the American Card Catalog as match folders/covers and all other inserts not previously listed in the book. For that reason, I have used this page as sort of a catch all for different types of cards/collectibles that exist but don’t really fit anywhere else.

In addition to the matchbooks, examples of those types of items are cards for:

  • Clothiers
  • Gas Stations
  • Non-Tobacco Cabinet Cards
  • Manufacturers
  • Miscellaneous Novelties
  • Movie Theaters
  • Photography Studios
  • Stores
  • Unknown Companies

Cataloged Issues

1934 U1 Diamond Matchbook Covers
1935 U2 Diamond Matchbook Covers
1935-37 U3 Diamond Matchbook Covers
1936 U4 Diamond Matchbook Covers
1935 UM7 Rice-Stix Cards

Clothing/Department Stores (Uncatalogued)

1920s Babe Ruth Underwear Photo Premium
1923 Baltimore Shirt Company Kansas City Blues
1916 Block and Kuhl M101-4/M101-5
1916 Burgess-Nash Company M101-4
1920s Converse Athletic Shoes Blotter
1916 Everybody’s M101-4
1916 Famous and Barr M101-4/M101-5
1916 Gimbels M101-4/M101-5
1916 The Globe M101-4
1916 Green-Joyce M101-4
1886 Hancock’s Syracuse Stars
1916 Herpolsheimer’s Company M101-4/M101-5
1921 Herpolsheimer’s Company
1930s Hood Shoes Jimmie Foxx Blotter
1930s Lion Brand Shirts Babe Ruth Movie
1939 Paramount Clothes Springfield Nationals Photo Premiums
1930s Spencer Shoes Jimmie Foxx Photo and Pin Premiums
1912 Vassar Sweaters
1916 Ware’s Basement M101-4

Gasoline (Uncataloged)

1938 Dizzy Dean’s Service Station
1934 Doyle Texaco Rochester Red Wings Ad Card
1938 Signal Gasoline Oakland Oaks
1930s Square Deal Oil Joe Medwick

Movies and Theaters (Uncataloged)

1920 Babe Ruth Headin’ Home Cards
1920s Babe Ruth Snookums Movie Card
1929 Becker Brothers Theatre
1929 Benn Theatre Philadelphia Athletics
1919 Kinema/Franklin Theatre ‘The Busher’ Movie Card
1921/1922 Leader Theatre (W575-1)
1922 Leader Theatre (W573)
1929 Lindy Theatre
1916 Mall Theatre M101-4
1929 Orient Theatre
1921 Proctor’s Theatre Babe Ruth
1928 T. Contiero Babe Ruth/Harold Lloyd
1929-30 Tower Theatre Mickey Cochrane Photo Premium
1929 Villa Theatre Philadelphia Athletics

Other/Unknown (Uncataloged)

1913 Base Ball Series Notebooks
1916 Cy Young County Treasurer Campaign Card
1912 Ed Konetchy St. Louis Team Promotional Card
1925 Emmett Mulvey Day Tag
1935 Indiana Sport Avion (Multi-Sport/International)
1926 Jimmy Dykes Day Artisans Card
1911 John Tener Gubernatorial Campaign Card
John Ward Fan
1926 Kut Outs Die-Cuts
1923 Lections
1936 Pet Cremer Olympia (Multi-Sport/International)
1921 Queen City Cigar Store
1888 R&S (Raphael / Rafael Tuck) Die-Cut Cards
1931 Yuasa and Company Tour of Japan (International)

Photography/Studios/Misc. Cabinets (Uncataloged)

1894 Alpha Photo Engraving Company Cards
1921 Frederick Foto Service Cards
1930 Ray-O-Print Photo Kits
Uncatalogued Cabinets and CDVs

Team Issues (Miscellaneous and Uncataloged)

1934 Buffalo Bisons Team Photos
1911 Gilmartin San Francisco Seals Photos
1935 Hamlins Saf-T-Shav Cubs and White Sox Photo Premiums
1936 Hamlins Saf-T-Shav Cubs and White Sox Photo Premiums
1939 Kimball Automobile Trois-Riveries
1913 Oakland Oaks

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