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In addition to all of the sports covered on the site, several other sports covered in the American Card Catalog are found. Many fringe sports, including hunting and bullfighting, are listed in that book. However, those issues are not included here. What you will find here are other minor sports, including bowling, gymnastics, boating, skating, and more.

Below are known sets from the American Card Catalog with these types of cards. Only cards found in that book and not listed elsewhere on the site are listed below.


1938 Ardath
National Fitness Exercises

Buchner Yacht Club Colors (N289)

Capadura Skating
and other Comics (H889)

Clay and Richmond Lithos
Skating Comics (H895)

1904 Croft & Allen
Physical Culture Exercises (E249)

1887 Duke Gymnastics (N77)

1889 Duke Yacht Colors (N91)

1889 Duke Yacht Colors (N140)

Lambert Butler Exercises 1937

1912 Major Drapkin
How to Keep Fit

1930 Player’s Country Sports

1938 Player’s Racing Yachts

Uncatalogued Bowling Trade Cards

1932 United Tobacco
Exercises for Men and Women

1914 Wills Physical Culture

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