F-Cards (Food)


sanella-netballF-Cards represent issues from various food companies. These are mostly later issues that came out after companies discovered the fascination of collectors with candy and tobacco products.

Several issues are not traditional cards, either. The Wheaties Panels, for example, are actually the oversized pictures on old Wheaties boxes. Despite that, many of these products have become collectible over the years.

F-Cards come in all shapes and sizes. One unique issue is the 1932 Astra/Sanella sets, which was a German multi-sport issue. It covers numerous sports, is larger in size than most issues, and was printed on thin stock for two brands of margarine. The cards in the release are the same but they were issued by two different margarine brands making them technically different sets. The basketball card in those two sets actually features not basketball, but the similar sport of netball.

Some beverages held a separate designation in the American Card Catalog. Others in this section include J-Cards (Soda) and K-Cards (Coffee) as well as any other types of beverage items not elsewhere classified.

While there are several pre-war basketball cards out there, by comparison, they are relatively few compared to other sports.


1932 Astra Margarine
1936 Muhlen Franck Olympia Set - USA Basketball
1936 Muhlen Franck Olympia
1936 Nestle Sport Stamp Basketball
1930s Nestle

Sports Series Stamps
1932 Sanella Margarine
Wheaties Basketball.jpg
Wheaties Panels

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