E-Cards and R-Cards (Candy/Gum)



E-Cards and R-Cards are candy and gum issues. In general, E-Cards are earlier issues dating until around 1930 while R-Cards are after that time.

These issues were typically packaged with children’s products, such as candy, gum, or caramel. While tobacco cards were the primary issues of the early 1900s by the 1910s and 1920s, more candy companies were catching on to the popularity of sports cards among children.

Those issues, of course, paved the way for later sets, such as the Goudey and Topps issues, which became popular in the 1930s and 1950s.

The most notable pre-war basketball gum cards are those found in the 1933 Goudey Sport Kings set. They are the only ones that feature actual professional players and are believed to be the first mainstream professional basketball cards produced.

While there are several pre-war basketball cards out there, by comparison, they are relatively few compared to other sports.


Amatller Los Deportes Basketball
1930s Amatller Chocolates
1933 C.A. Briggs
Wachter Sport Kings.jpg
1933-34 Goudey Sport Kings
Jacques Chocolate Basketball
1933 Jacques Chocolat
Les Sports Illustres
1930s Leader Discs (R79)
R161 Walt Disney Comics - Panchito Basketball (1930s).jpg1940s Walt Disney Comics

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