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Most pre-war hockey card issues were Canadian releases. The good news is that there were a decent amount of them. Here are a list of pre-war hockey card sets as well as other sets that are mixed sports with some hockey issues. Multi-sport sets are designated below and all sets were produced in Canada unless noted.

Cards and items are classified by type below.


B33 College Pennants / Felt Blankets (Multi-Sport/U.S.)


1936 Allen’s Sports and Flags of Nations (Multi-Sport/Australia)
1933 C.A. Briggs (Multi-Sport)
Chocolat Meurisse Ice Hockey Trade Card (France)
1930s Fürth Chocolates/Bon Bons (Czechoslovakia)
Gartmann, Altona, Kakao, and Schokolade-Fabrik (Gartmann Chocolates) (Multi-Sport/Germany)
1930s R79 Leader Discs (Multi-Sport/U.S.)
1933 R338 Goudey Sport Kings (Multi-Sport/U.S.)
1933 R340 Goudey Sport Kings Premiums (Multi-Sport/U.S.)
1923-24 McLauchlan Owen Sound Greys
1935 R89 Mickey Mouse Bubble Gum (U.S.)
Reese and Wichmann Wintersport (Multi-Sport/Germany)
Stollwerck Gold Chocolate (Multi-Sport) Germany
1925 V31 Dominion Chocolate (Multi-Sport)
1924 V122 Willard’s Sports Champions (Multi-Sport)
1923-24 V128-1 Paulin’s Candies
1928-29 V128-2 Paulin’s Candies
1933-34 V129 Anonymous
1924-25 V130 Maple Crispette
1923-24 V145-1 William Paterson Chocolates
1924-25 V145-2 William Paterson Chocolates
1933-34 V252 Canadian Gum
1933-34 V288 Hamilton Puck Gum
1939-41 V301-1 and V301-2 O-Pee-Chee Photos
1935 V303 O-Pee-Chee Mickey Mouse
1933-34 V304-A O-Pee-Chee
1933-34 V304-B O-Pee-Chee
1935-36 V304-C O-Pee-Chee
1936-37 V304-D O-Pee-Chee
1937-38 V304-E O-Pee-Chee
1937-38 V356 World Wide Gum Ice Kings
1933-34 V357 World Wide Gum Ice Kings


1936 Allen’s Sports and Flags of Nations (Multi-Sport/Germany)
1932 Astra Margarine (Multi-Sport/Germany)
1930 Campbell’s Soup Bridge Tally (Multi-Sport/U.S.)
1934-44 FC6 Beehive Photos
1935-40 FC7 Canada Starch Crown Brand Photos
1924-25 FC24 Crescent Ice Cream Falcon-Tigers
1923-24 FC24 Crescent Ice Cream Selkirks
1924-25 FC24 Crescent Ice Cream Selkirks
1924-25 Holland Creameries
1932-33 O’Keefe’s Maple Leafs Coasters
Palmin Pflanzenbutter Moderne Sports (Multi-Sport/Germany)
1938-39 Quaker Oats Hockey Photos (U.S.)
1932 Sanella Margarine (Multi-Sport/International)


Three Cannuck Advertising Hockey Game

Postcards (Sets Only)

1936 Champion Postcards (U.S.)
1936-37 Cleveland Falcons Postcards (U.S.)
1907 Earl Christy / P. Sander Romance No. 198 Series Postcards (Multi-Sport/U.S.)
Henderson Sports Girls Series B5 Postcards (Multi-Sport/UK)
1902-09 McGill University Hockey Postcards (U.S.)
1932-33 Montreal Maroons Postcards
1908 National Art Company / Archie Gunn ‘Miss’ Postcards (U.S.)
1936 Triumph Postcards (U.S.)
Valentine and Sons American Child Studies / Artotype Postcards (Multi-Sport/U.S.)


1938-39 Boston Garden Magazine Supplement Photos (U.S.)
1927-28 La Patrie Photos
1928-33 La Presse Hockey Photos (Multi-Sport)


1910 S21 Murad College Sports Series (Multi-Sport/U.S.)
1910 S22 Murad College Sports Series (Multi-Sport/U.S.)
S23 College Yell Silks (Multi-Sport/U.S.)


1917 Youth’s Companion Stamps (Multi-Sport/U.S.)

Strip Cards

1920s W542 Sports Drawings (Multi-Sport/U.S.)


1911-12 C55
1910-11 C56
1912-13 C57
1924-25 C144 Champ’s Cigarettes
1929 Imperial/Churchman Sports & Games of Many Lands (Multi-Sport/UK)
1935 J.A. Pattreiouex Sporting Events and Stars
1927 Lambert & Butler World of Sport (Multi-Sport/UK)
1938-39 Larus and Brother Bruins Photos (U.S.)
1935-36 Muratti Cigarettes Olympic Sports (Multi-Sport/German)
1901-02 Ogden’s Tabs Cigarettes General Interest (Multi-Sport/UK)
1932 Reemtsma Cigarettes Olympia (Multi-Sport/Germany)
1936 Reemtsma Cigarettes Olympia (Multi-Sport/Germany)
1937 Senior Service Winter Scenes (Multi-Sport/U.K.)
1934-35 Sweet Caporal Montreal Forum’s Gallery of Hockey Stars Photos
1910-11 Sweet Caporal Postcards (U.S.)
1909-11 T6 Murad College Series – Cabinet Cards (Multi-Sport/U.S.)
1902-13 T7 Turkish Trophies / Hamilton King Girls (Multi-Sport/U.S.)
1909-11 T51 Murad College Series (Multi-Sport/U.S.)
1937 Wills British Sporting Personalities (Multi-Sport/UK)

Trade Cards (Not Catalogued Elsewhere)

1930s Adam Hats Photo Premiums (Multi-Sport/U.S.)
1888 Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company Trade Card (U.S.)
Bufford Hockey Boy Trade Card (903) (U.S.)
1878-82 H820 Bufford Lithos Sports Cards (Multi-Sport/U.S.)
Diamantine Rud. Starcke Hockey Trade Card (Germany)
Diamantine-Schuhputz / Diabona-Bohnerwachs Trade Cards Set (Multi-Sport/Germany)
Diamantine-Schuhputz Wintersports Trade Cards Set (Multi-Sport/Germany)
1928 Erdal-Kwak Olympics Trade Card (Multi-Sport/Germany)
Liebig Fleisch-Extrakt Wintersport Trade Cards (Multi-Sport/Germany)
Mayer’s Ice Hockey Trade Card (U.S.)
Mentholatum Football and Hockey Blotters (Multi-Sport)
1914 Richard-Wilcox Female Hockey Trade Card
1930s Rogers Peet Clothing (Multi-Sport/U.S.)
1932-33 Stoodleigh’s Sports Series


1933-34 CCM Brown Border Photos
1934-35 CCM Green Border Photos
1935-36 CCM Blue Border Photos
1934-35 Diamond Matchbook Silver (U.S.)
1935-36 Diamond Matchbook Tan (Series 1-5) (U.S.)
1937-38 Diamond Matchbook Tan (Series 6) (U.S.)
1936 Pet Cremer Olympia (Multi-Sport/Germany)
1936-37 Providence Reds (U.S.)

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