R-Cards (Additional Candy/Gum Issues)


1934-goudey-bengeR-Cards are additional candy and gum issues not designated as E-Cards. In general, these are the more recent of the candy and gum cards. In terms of popularity, it is one of the more famous designations with some key sets, including the landmark 1933 Goudey issue as well as the 1939 Play Ball and 1932 U.S. Caramel sets.

The R-Card designation is not one that has caught on all that much. When collectors refer to these sets below, most times they simply use their product name (i.e. Goudey sets, Play Ball set, Sport Kings, etc.).

Regarding unclassified issues, any candy issue believed to have been printed in 1930 or later has been listed on this page. Unclassified issues prior to 1930 are listed on the E-Card page. Almost all classified R-Cards were printed from 1930 or later.

Catalogued Issues

1934 R72 Schutter-Johnson (Multi-Sport)
R94 Movie Stars and Scenes
1930s R123 Seal Craft Discs
1930s R161 Walt Disney Comics (Multi-Sport)
1933 R300 George Miller Company
1936 R301 Overland Wrappers
1939 R303 Goudey Premiums
1934 R304 Al Demaree – Die-Cuts
1933 R305 Tattoo Orbit Gum
1933 R306 Butter Cream
R307 Baseball and College Designs Pennants
1933 R308 Tattoo Orbit
1933-34 R309-1 Goudey Premiums
1935 R309-2 Goudey Premiums
1934 R310 Butterfinger
R311 National Chicle Premiums (Multi-Sport)
1936 R312 Colored Photos
1936 R313 National Chicle Premiums
1934 R313A Gold Medal Foods
1936-37 R314 Goudey Premiums (Type 1-5)
R315 Anonymous/Unknown
1929 R316 Kashin
1933 R317 Uncle Jacks Candy
1934-36 R318 Batter Up
1934-36 R318 Batter Up Photo Premiums
1933 R319 Goudey
1934 R320 Goudey
1935 R321 Goudey Four-in-One
1936 R322 Goudey
1938 R323 Goudey Heads Up
1935 R325 Goudey Knot Hole League Game
1938 R326 Big League Movies
1934-36 R327 Diamond Stars
1932 R328 U.S. Caramel (Multi-Sport)
1938 R329 Foto-Fun
1935 R332 Schutter/Johnson
1933 R333 DeLong
1939 R334 Play Ball
1933 R337 Eclipse
1933 R338 Goudey Sport Kings
1933 R340 Goudey Sport Kings Premiums (Multi-Sport)
1937 R342 Goudey Thum-Movies
1936 R344 Rabbit Maranville

Uncatalogued Issues

1936 Allen’s Sports and Flags of Nations (Multi-Sport/International)
1934 American Boy Gum
1930 Baguer Chocolate (International)
1930s Barberan Chocolates Deportes (Multi-Sport/International)
1933 C.A. Briggs (Multi-Sport)
1930s Chocolates Amatller Los Deportes (Multi-Sport/International)
1932 Rowntree and Company Treasure Trove Pictures (Multi-Sport/International)
1933 Trumpf Chocolate (Multi-Sport/International)
1930s Whiz Bang Gum Discs

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