R-Cards (Candy/Gum)


Ruth 1933 Goudey Green

R-Cards are additional candy and gum issues not designated as E-Cards. In general, these are the more recent of the candy and gum cards. In terms of popularity, it is one of the more famous designations with some key sets, including the landmark 1933 Goudey issue as well as the 1939 Play Ball and 1932 U.S. Caramel sets.

When it comes to gum cards, the Goudey issues are by far and away the most popular. Here’s a closer look at the Goudey sets, as well as the World Wide Gum issues that their Canadian company produced.

Jefferson Burdick indirectly classified these as issues from 1933 and later. Earlier issues carried the E-Card designation but some issues, such as the 1929 Kashin set (R316) don’t follow that identification – likely because he was unaware of the exact year of issue.

The R-Card designation is not one that has caught on all that much. When collectors refer to these sets below, most times they simply use their product name (i.e. Goudey sets, Play Ball set, Sport Kings, etc.).

Gum cards are largely known for their different size from earlier tobacco and caramel cards. Instead of a smaller rectangular shape, the most popular gum cards such as the Goudey and Play Ball cards are significantly larger and shaped more like a square. They aren’t quite as big as the standard 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ cards of today but they are much closer to that than earlier cards. Most gum cards are also printed on thicker card stock than earlier issues and are a bit more durable.

Finally, R-Cards also include several photo premiums. These aren’t your standard trading card and most are printed on thinner paper stock but they are also cataloged as R-Cards in the American Card Catalog.


R304 Fox.jpg
1934 Al Demaree
Die-Cuts (R304)
1936 Allens Sports and Flags of Nations
1936 Allen’s Sports &
Flags of Nations
Amatller Chocolate Los Deportes
1930s Amatller Chocolates
1934 American Boy Gum R315 Waner.jpg
Anonymous/Unknown (R315)
Baguer Chocolate
1930 Baguer Chocolate
Barberan Chocolates
1930s Barberan
Chocolates Deportes
Baseball/College Designs
Pennants (R307)
R318 Batter Up
1934-36 Batter Up (R318)
R318 Batter Up Premium.jpg
1934-36 Batter Up
38GM 07A Appling.jpg
1938 Big League Movies
R306 Lindstrom.jpg
1933 Butter Cream (R306)
R310 Bottomley.jpg
1934 Butterfinger (R310)
1933 C.A. Briggs
1945-46 Cuban Deportivo Consuegra
Caramelo Deportivo
1946 Caramelo Deportivo
Caramelo Deportivo
R312 07 Bordagaray Earnshaw.jpg
1936 Colored Photos
33DL 12 Traynor.jpg
1933 DeLong (R333)
1934-36 Diamond Stars
babe ruth indiana sport avion
1936 Donat
1941 Double Play Joe DiMaggio - Keller
1941 Double Play (R330)
R337 420 Lazzeri.jpg
1933 Eclipse (R337)
R329 Clopay Foto Fun
1938 Foto-Fun (R329)
33GCM 10 Dykes.jpg
1933 George Miller (R300)
34GMF 04 Dean.jpg
1934 Gold Medal Foods
Ruth 1933 Goudey Green
1933 Goudey (R319)
1933-34 Goudey Sport Kings
1933 Goudey Sport Kings Premium
1933 Goudey Sport Kings
Premiums (R340)
R309-1 Ruth.jpg
1933-34 Goudey
Premiums (R309-1)
1934 Goudey (R320)
35G 11 Blaeholder.jpg
1935 Goudey (R321)
37GKH 03 Out - Ball.jpg
1935 Goudey Knot Hole
League Game (R325)
R309-2 Ott.jpg
1935 Goudey Premiums
36G 10 Cuyler.jpg
1936 Goudey (R322)
1936-37 Goudey
Premiums (R314)
37GTM Burns.jpg
1937 Goudey
Thum-Movies (R342)
38GM 07A Appling.jpg
1938 Goudey
Big League Movies (R326)
1938 Goudey Heads Up
R303B Gomez.jpg
1939 Goudey Premiums
Carl Hubbell 1941 Goudey
1941 Goudey
1936 Home Run Candy
1936 Home Run Candy
1929 Kashin (R316)
1943 La Ambrosia Daniel Parra
1943 La Ambrosia
Base Ball Amateur
Ruth R94.jpg
Movie Stars & Scenes
R302-2 1949 MP Co. Ted Williams
1943/1949 M.P. Co.
1930s National Chicle
Premiums (R311)
R313 009 Berger.jpg
1936 National Chicle
Premiums (R313)
R301 Foxx.jpg
1936-42 Overland
Wrappers (R301)
1939 Play Ball (R334)
Ted Williams 1940 Play Ball
1940 Play Ball (R335)
Joe DiMaggio 1941 Play Ball
1941 Play Ball (R336)
1946-47 Propagandas Montiel Babe Ruth
1946-47 Propagandas
Montiel Los Reyes
del Desporte
R344 14 How to Coach Base Runner.jpg
1936 Rabbit Maranville
1932 Rowntree Treasure Trove Baseball
1932 Rowntree
Treasure Trove Pictures
R72 Schutter Johnson Baseball Player.jpg
1934 Schutter-Johnson
R332 07 Hornsby.jpg
1935 Schutter/Johnson
Seal Craft Disc Baseball
1930s Seal Craft Discs

Stollwerck Equipment Baseball Card
Stollwerck Chocolate Cards

R308 170 Stephenson.jpg
1933 Tattoo Orbit (R308)
33TO 08 Bush.jpg
1933 Tattoo Orbit Gum
1933 Trumpf Chocolate
1933 Trumpf Chocolate
33UJ Chapman.jpg
1933 Uncle Jacks Candy
1933 U.S. Caramel (R328)
R161 Walt Disney Comics Baseball
1940s Walt Disney (R161)
30WB 1930 Whiz Bang Premiums Goslin.jpg
1930s Whiz Bang Gum

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