T-Cards (Tobacco) and International Tobacco


t215-benderThe T-Cards, which represent tobacco issues, are easily the most popular of the designations given by Jefferson Burdick in the American Card Catalog. Tobacco and baseball were heavily linked around the Turn of the Century and tobacco-makers capitalized on the popularity of the growing sport for a variety of marketing purposes.

Tobacco and baseball wasn’t just an American thing, either. As documented in numerous international issues, baseball was linked to tobacco in all sorts of countries.

T-Cards are heavily collected in part because of their availability. T206 cards, despite being more than 100 years old, are still very plentiful compared to other issues from the same era, such as E-Cards, which are much more scarce.

In addition to the popular T205 and T206 sets, other T-Cards also are widely collected, such as the T3 Turkey Reds, T201 and T202 Double / Triple Folder cards, the T204 Ramlys, and the T207 Brown Background cards.

Others such as the red-bordered T210 cards and the massive T212 Obak minor league issues have devoted followers, too.

Catalogued Issues

1910 H801-7 Old Mill Cabinets
1910-1911 T3 Turkey Reds
1911 T4 Obak Cabinet Cards
1911 T5 Pinkerton Cabinet Cards
1909-11 T6 Murad College Series – Cabinet Cards (Multi-Sport)
T49 Schulte College Series (Multi-Sport)
1909-11 T51 Murad College Series (Multi-Sport)
T88 Mutt and Jeff (Multi-Sport)
T100 Honest Silhouettes (Roger Bresnahan)
1913 T200 Fatima – Team Cards
1913 T200 Fatima Team Card Premiums
1911 T201 Mecca Double Folders
1912 T202 Hassan Triple Folders
1900 T203 Mayo Base Ball Comics
1909 T204 Ramly
1911 T205 Gold Border
1909-11 T206 White Border
1912 T207 Brown Background
1911 T208 Cullivan Fireside
1910 T209 Contentnea
1910 T210 Old Mill
1910 T211 Red Sun
1909-11 T212 Obak
1910-19 T213 Coupon
1915 T214 Victory Tobacco
1910-13 T215 Red Cross Tobacco and Pirate Cigarettes
1911-14 T216 Peoples (Kotton, Mino, Virginia Extra)
1910-11 T217 Mono Cigarettes
1914 T222 Fatima (Multi-Sport)
1912 T227 Miners Extra/Honest Champions
1922 T231 Fans Cigarettes
1914 T330-2 Piedmont Art Stamps
1911 T332 Helmar Stamps

Uncatalogued Issues

1932 Abdulla Cigarettes (Multi-sport/International)
1939 African Tobacco World of Sport (Multi-Sport/International)
1917 Aguila Roja (Multi-Sport/International)
1928 Aguilitas Cuba Deportiva (Multi-Sport/International)
1924-25 Aguilitas Segunda Serie Artistica (Multi-Sport/International)
1926-27 Aguilitas Serie Artistica (Multi-Sport/International)
1917 British American Tobacco Sports of the World (Multi-Sport/International)
1932 Bulgaria Cigarette (Multi-Sport/International)
1909 Cabanas (International)
1929 Churchman’s/Imperial Sports & Games of Many Lands (Multi-Sport/International)
1923-24 Cigarros Billiken (Billiken Cigarettes) / La Moda (International)
1923-24 Cigarros Tomas Gutierrez (International)
1913/1914 Derby Cigars
1931/1932 Doble Aguila (Multi-Sport/International)
1931/1932 E. Quintana (Multi-Sport/International)
1913 A Fan for a Fan
1916 Industrial Cigarrera (International)
1931 Josetti / Jasmatzi Ramses / Sulima Tobacco Film Stars (Babe Ruth) (Multi-Sport/International)
1912 La Azora Cigars Ty Cobb Tigers Schedule
1926 Lucky Strike Cigarettes Ty Cobb
1928 Major Drapkin Cigarettes (Multi-Sport/International)
1935-36 Muratti Cigarettes Olympic Sports (Multi-Sport/International)
1915-16 N230-3 Obsequio de Susini
1924 N258 Cigarrera Diaz (Diaz Cigarettes) Big League Pitchers (N258) (International)
1931 N561 Cigarrillos Diana / Cigarrera Bigott (International)
1923-24 Obsequio de los Cigarros Nacionales (Multi-Sport/International)
1910 Old Put Cigar (E98)
1910-12 Plow Boy Tobacco
1910 Punch Cigarros
1934 R&J Hill Sports Series (Multi-Sport/International)
1928 Sociedade Industrial dos Tabacos de Angola (Multi-Sport/International)
1930s Sociedade Industrial dos Tabacos de Angola (Multi-Sport/International)
1928 Tabacalera La Morena (Multi-Sport/International)
1925 Turf Cigarettes/Boguslavsky Sports Records (Multi-Sport/International)
1936 United Tobacco Sports and Pastimes in South Africa (Multi-Sport/International)
1917 Village Maid Sports of the World (Multi-Sport/International)
1901 Wills Cigarettes Sports of All Nations (Multi-Sport/International)
1917 Wills Cigarettes Sports of the World (Multi-Sport/International)
1932 Worch Cigar
1933 Worch Cigar
1933-34 Worch Cigar American Association

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