C-Cards and V-Cards (Canadian)


V31 Dominion Chocolate FootballWhile most Canadian pre-war cards were understandably hockey issues, there are some with cards from other sports, including football. While these cards did not generally depict American players, they did feature Canadian football players as the game developed in that country.

C-Cards and V-Cards are Canadian issues. C-Cards represent cards produced by tobacco companies and the sole set in that category from the four major sports is the C46 Imperial issue – an intriguing set consisting of minor league baseball players (some of which made it into the major leagues).

V-Cards are those produced by candy/gum companies. Like the U.S. products, these cards were distributed with all sorts of sweets, including chocolate, candy, and gum.

With demand for these cards not reaching the same popularity as their American counterparts did, these are generally rarer and more difficult to find.

Football can be found in the sets identified below.


1940s Cracker Jack Sports Baseball
1940s Cracker Jack
Sports (V410)
V31 Dominion Chocolate Football
1925 Dominion Chocolate
N463 Sports Girls
Sports Girls (C190)
Tobacco Products Corporation of Canada Champions Basketball
1924 Tobacco Products
Corporation of Canada

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