F-Cards/FC-Cards (Food)


24CIC 03 Wally FridfinsonF-Cards and FC-Cards represent issues from various food companies. These are mostly later issues that came out after companies discovered the fascination of collectors with candy and tobacco products. F-Cards represent American food issues while FC-Cards, where the majority of hockey cards were at that time, represent Canadian cards.

Several issues are not traditional cards, either. The Wheaties Panels, for example, are actually the oversized pictures on old Wheaties boxes. Despite that, many of these products have become collectible over the years.

These cards come in all shapes and sizes. Some are standard size cards and others, such as the 1930s Campbell’s Soup Bridge Tallies (which included a hockey card) were a bit more unique and shaped like a bookmark.

Catalogued Issues

1934-44 FC6 Beehive Photos
1935-40 FC7 Canada Starch Crown Brand Photos
1924-25 FC24 Crescent Ice Cream Falcon-Tigers
1923-24 FC24 Crescent Ice Cream Selkirks
1924-25 FC24 Crescent Ice Cream Selkirks

Uncatalogued Issues

1936 Allen’s Sports and Flags of Nations (Multi-Sport/Germany)
1932 Astra Margarine (Multi-Sport/Germany)
1930 Campbell’s Soup Bridge Tallies (Multi-Sport/U.S.)
1924-25 Holland Creameries
1932-33 O’Keefe’s Maple Leafs Coasters
Palmin Pflanzenbutter Moderne Sports (Multi-Sport/Germany)
1938-39 Quaker Oats Hockey Photos (U.S.)
1932 Sanella Margarine (Multi-Sport/International)

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