U-Cards (Folders/Miscellaneous)


Diamond Matchbook Hockey 2U-Cards are designated in the American Card Catalog as match folders/covers and all other inserts not previously listed in the book. For that reason, I have used this page as sort of a catch all for different types of cards/collectibles that exist but don’t really fit anywhere else.

In addition to the matchbooks, examples of those types of items can be issues related to the following:

  • Clothiers
  • Gas Stations
  • Non-Tobacco Cabinet Cards
  • Manufacturers
  • Miscellaneous Novelties
  • Movie Theaters
  • Photography Studios
  • Stores
  • Unknown Companies

The most popular issues in this classification are the Diamond Matchbooks, which featured pictures of hockey players on the exterior of matchbook covers. Below are hockey issues that fall within this category.


CCM Hockey Everywhere Photos
1933-36 CCM Champions
Everwhere Photos

1904 C.W.S. British Sport Series
Diamond Matchbook Hockey.jpg
1934-38 Diamond Matchbooks
(U9 & U10)
Pet Cremer Hockey.jpg
1936 Pet Cremer Olympia
Item Image
1936-37 Providence Reds

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