D-Cards (Bakery)



D-cards represent cards from various types of bread/baking companies. These were usually packed in loaves of bread or other baking-related items.

Most issues were relatively standard, but some unique D-cards do exist. The uncatalogued Middy’s Die-Cut cards, cut to the shape of a player pose, were some. Another are the Sawyer Biscuit cabinets that were small photographs mounted onto a frame backing. And the Wool’s American-Maid Bread set was composed of simple W551 strip cards with their stamp overprinted on the reverse.

Most bread issues are relatively scarce by comparison to other more common candy and tobacco cards. These were almost certainly printed in much smaller quantities and practically every bread issue is a somewhat difficult one to find.

Another common theme with bread cards? Many of them stemmed from existing sets that had already been created for other businesses.

Note that some bread cards listed below are considered as parts of other issues. For example, the Barker Bread cards were W514 strip cards with the Barker Bread name stamped/printed onto the backs. Because they were issued by a bread company but also a strip card, I have listed them on both the bakery and the strip card pages of this site.


W514 Barker Bread Collins
1919-21 Barker Bread (W514)
D305 1947 Bond Bread Robinson Jackie
1947 Bond Bread
D302 Bond Bread Jackie Robinson Awaiting Pitch
1947 Bond Bread
Jackie Robinson (D302)
1911-14 Brunners (D304)
1911-14 Butter Krust (D304)
1921/1922 Clark’s Bread
D380 Clement Brothers Bread D380 Alpermann.jpg
1909-10 Clement Brothers
Bread (D380)
1922 Cream Nut /
Goodie Bread
1937 Donut Thrilling Moments.jpg
1937 Donut Corporation
Thrilling Moments (D146)
1925 / 1932 Drake’s and
Yankee Cake (D32)
D381 Ragan.jpg
1916 Ferguson Bakery /
Fleischmann Bakery (D381)
1922 Gassler’s American-Maid Bread
1915 General Baking (D303)
1911-14 General Baking (D304)
1928 Greiners Bread.jpg
1928 Greiners Bread
Grennan Bakery (D351) e121
1921/1922 Haffner’s
Big-Tayto-Loaf Bread
1920/1921 Holsum Bread (D327)
1916 Holmes to Homes Bread (M101-5)
Huntley Palmers.jpg
1878 Huntley and Palmers Biscuits
D48 Invisible Color Pictures.jpg
1920s Invisible Color Pictures (D48)
Jennings Koester Bread.jpg
1921 Koester Bread (D383)
1936 Kroger Bread.jpg
1936 Kroger Bread
Indianapolis Indians
1911-14 Martens Bakery (D304)
E135 011 Baker.jpg
1917 Merchants Bakery
27MB Ballou.jpg
1927 Middy Bread Die-Cuts
1916 Morehouse Baking (M101-4/5)
 D303MothersBread Bender.jpg
1916 Mothers’ Bread (D303)
Sam Crawford W514.jpg
1919-21 Mother’s Bread /
Besta Cake (W514)
1909 Niagara Baking (D355)
1911 Pacific Coast Biscuit (D310)
D311 Ryan.jpg
1911 Pacific Coast Biscuit (D311)
 1945 Remar Bread
1946 Remar Bread Casey Stengel No Caption
1946 Remar Bread
1947 Remar Bread Les Scarsella No Cpption
1947 Remar Bread
1948 Remar Bread
1949 Remar Bread Forest Thompson no Caption
1949 Remar Bread
1950 Remar Bread Harry Lavagetto No Cpation
1950 Remar Bread
D359 Plank.jpg
1911 Rochester Baking
Philadelphia A’s (D359)
1938 Sawyer Biscuits Hack
1938 Sawyer Biscuit Cabinets
Schmidt’s Daylight Bakery
Paper Dolls
E135 011 Baker.jpg
1916-21 Standard Biscuit (D350)
Joe Marty 1946 Sunbeam Sacramento Solons D315-1
1946 Sunbeam
Sacramento Solons (D315-1)
D315-2 1947 Sunbeam Mike Schemer
1947 Sunbeam
Sacramento Solons (D315-2)
Tarzan Thoro Bread.jpg
1934 Tarzan Thoro Bread (D382)
1910 Tip Top Bread (D322)
1921 Tip Top.jpeg
1921 Tip Top Bread
Phil Rizzuto 1947 Tip Top Bread
1947 Tip Top Bread
1911-14 Weber Bakery (D304)
D134 Weber Colored Pictures Baseball
1920s Weber Baking
Mystic Colored Pictures (D134)
1916 Weil Baking (D329)
E135 011 Baker.jpg
1917 Weil Baking (D328)
D359 Plank.jpg
1911 Williams Baking Philadelphia A’s (D359)
Cobb American-Maid Bread W551
1921 Wool’s American-Maid Bread

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