U-Cards (Match Folders & Miscellaneous)


U-Cards are designated in the American Card Catalog as match folders/covers and all other inserts not previously listed in the book.

The book is somewhat fuzzy on this description and even says the viewpoint for what should go here is ‘clouded.’ In reality, new separate categorizations are probably needed at this point as some U-Cards, such as gasoline issues, could warrant their own section.

Keeping in the spirit of the American Card Catalog categorization, I have used this page as sort of a catch all for different types of cards/collectibles that exist but don’t really fit anywhere else. While there are many sets that fall under this header, the section also includes a number of individual items cards that were issued, often for promotional purposes.

A key factor in the American Card Catalog is that cards and items here were only to be issues that were sold as inserts. Giveaway types of cards, such as trade cards and other collectibles given away for free should not be technically considered U-Cards. However, because some items have no other home, I have included them here. For example, it makes much more sense to include movie theater issues that were giveaways on this page than it does to try to lump them in elsewhere (i.e. trade cards).

The ‘meat’ of the U-Card categorization was really for matchbooks and folded types of cards/collectibles. In addition to the matchbooks, examples of other types of items found here are cards for:

  • Clothiers
  • Gas Stations
  • Non-Tobacco Cabinet Cards
  • Manufacturers
  • Miscellaneous Novelties
  • Movie Theaters
  • Photography Studios
  • Stores
  • Unknown Companies


1904 C.W.S. British Sport Series

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