Some helpful resources for collectors of pre-war cards.


Baseball Advertising Trade Cards, 3rd Edition by Frank Keetz – A catalog of trade cards
Cigarette Card News (Volume I, Issues 1-12 issued 1933-1934)
Inside T206 by Scot Reader – A comprehensive look at the famous T206 set

Other Resources

American Card Catalog – A tutorial on understanding the hobby’s most important book
American Tobacco Company Card Ledger – Original distribution notes with information about dates of card releases
Avoid Being Ripped Off 
Exhibit Card Dating – Guide to dating the Exhibit cards
Grading Your Collection – Tips on how to accurately grade your cards
Identifying Scraps – What are scraps and how can you spot them?
T206 Master Checklist – Checklist of every known T206 card with every back
Type Card Checklist – A look at the various ‘Type cards’ out there