S-Cards (Silks/Stamps)


1936 Nestle Sport Stamps TennisS-Cards are silk or stamp issues. The American Card Catalog really just uses this designation for silks but I have added stamp issues here as well. Some collectors classify those as ST-Cards.

Silk issues were unique items generally packaged with tobacco products and exactly what they sound like – items made of swatches of silk. The stamps, however, are not necessarily stamps as we think of them in the traditional sense.

Most silks were printed in the 1912-1915 range, as Jefferson Burdick indicated in his American Card Catalog. However, earlier silks are known to exist as well, dating back to the late 1800s.

The term stamps can refer to actual stamps. However, they are often also referred to as small stamp-like cutouts of paper or cardboard – not necessarily postage stamps with a backing that allowed you to affix the item to something else. The Rinkeydink Baseball Stamps, for example, were merely small cutouts from a section in a newspaper.

The stamps that were newspaper cutouts are not merely pictures of players. While their collectability may be debated, the reason they have become sought after is because they were deemed stamps or types of items designed to be cut out in the newspaper. The 1936 Baseball Newspaper Sport Stamps, for example, had an outline in the shape of a postage stamp and had the printing ‘Sport Stamp’ on them. It is obvious that they were designed to be cut out of the newspapers as opposed to a standard picture.


Bolivarian Games Tennis Stamp
1939 Bolivarian Games
SC12 Canadian Miscellany Baseball Top
Canadian Miscellany Silks
1935 Colombia Olympics Tennis Stamp
1935 Colombia Olympics
Far Eastern Games Tennis Stamp
1934 Far Eastern Games
1915 Hinds Stamp Baseball
1915 Hinds Cream Stamps

1920s Nestle Sports Series
1936 Nestle Sport Stamps Tennis
1930s Nestle Sports Series
1922 Lawn Tennis Tobler Stamps
1922 Tobler Chocolates
A Lawn Tennis Match Stamps
Tobler Chocolates Stamp Tennis
1922 Tobler Chocolates
Black Sports Stamps
1922 Tobler Summersport Tennis Stamp
1922 Tobler Chocolates
Summer Sport Stamps
1912 Trumpf Chocolates Tennis Stamp
1912 Trumpf Schokolade
Sieger Bleibt Stamps

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