C-Cards and V-Cards (Canadian)

While most Canadian pre-war cards were understandably hockey issues, there are also many non-sports issues from that country. Some were parallel sets to American releases.

C-Cards and V-Cards are Canadian issues. C-Cards represent cards produced by tobacco companies. V-Cards are those produced by candy/gum companies and make up the other Canadian issues. As was the case in the U.S., these cards were distributed with all sorts of sweets, including chocolate, candy, and gum.

With demand for these cards not reaching the same popularity as their American counterparts did, these are generally rarer and more difficult to find. That hasn’t always equated to higher values, though. However, the cards from Canada are almost always more difficult to find than the American issues.

Like the other non-sports pages, this is not meant to be a full listing of non-sports issues from Canada. Rather, it includes only some of the more popular ones listed in the American Card Catalog.


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