E-Cards and R-Cards (Candy/Gum)


Grange Goudey Sport KingsE-Cards and R-Cards are candy and gum issues. In general, E-Cards are earlier issues dating until around 1930 while R-Cards are after that time.

These issues were typically packaged with children’s products, such as candy, gum, or caramel. While tobacco cards were the primary issues of the early 1900s by the 1910s and 1920s, more candy companies were catching on to the popularity of sports cards among children.

Those issues, of course, paved the way for later sets, such as the Goudey and Topps issues, which became popular in the 1930s and 1950s.

Catalogued Issues

1930s R79 Leader Discs (Multi-Sport)
1930s R161 Walt Disney Comics (Multi-Sport)
R311 National Chicle Premiums (Multi-Sport)
1935 R331 National Chicle
1933 R338 Goudey Sport Kings (Multi-Sport)
1933-34 R339 Goudey Sport Kings Varsity Game Cards
1933 R340 Goudey Sport Kings Premiums (Multi-Sport)
1933 R341 Sport Packs (Multi-Sport)
1937 R343 Mayfair Candies Touchdown 100 Yards

Uncatalogued Issues

1926 Amatller Chocolate
1933 C.A. Briggs (Multi-Sport)
1926 Shotwell Candy Red Grange Set (with Ad Backs)
1926 Shotwell Candy Red Grange Set (Movie Series/Blank Backs)
1925/1928 Star Player Candy
1931 Swedish Kanolds Kick-Mint (Multi-Sport)

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