F-Cards (Food) / J-Cards (Soda) / K-Cards (Coffee)



F-Cards represent issues from various food companies. These are mostly later issues that came out after companies discovered the fascination of collectors with candy and tobacco products.

Several issues are not traditional cards, either. The Dixie Lids cards, for example, are actually the lids/tops of ice cream products. The Kellogg’s Pep Stamps are miniature, perforated pictures. The Wheaties Panels are actually the oversized pictures on old Wheaties boxes. Despite that, many of these products have become collectible over the years.

F-Cards come in all shapes and sizes. One unique issue is the 1932 Astra/Sanella set, which was a German multi-sport issue. It covers numerous sports, is larger in size than most issues, and was printed on thin stock for two brands of margarine.

One interesting note is that while the Sweetman Company cards were classified as a food issue (F50), that is possibly a misclassification as it was learned that they were a manufacturer of wax candies. They could have also produced food/ice cream but no evidence of that has never been found.

Some beverages held a separate designation in the American Card Catalog. Others in this section include J-Cards (Soda) and K-Cards (Coffee) as well as any other types of beverage items not elsewhere classified.


1936 Allens Sports and Flags of Nations
1936 Allen’s Fruit Drops
Sports & Flags 
1893 K-4 Arbuckles Coffee
Sports & Pastimes
 Babe Ruth Sanella Astra Margarine
1932 Astra Margarine
1941 Ballantine Beer Coasters Pirates
1941 Ballantine
Beer Coasters
 1933 Blue Bird Blotter.jpg
1920s Blue Bird Soda Blotter
33 Blue Bird Soda Ruth
1933 Blue Bird Soda Babe Ruth
1930 Blue Ribbon Malt Schalk.jpg
1930 Blue Ribbon Malt
Cubs/White Sox
1931 Blue Ribbon Malt Hack Wilson.jpg
1931 Blue Ribbon Malt
Cubs/White Sox
Blue Valley Butter.jpg
1934 Blue Valley Butter Blotter
1922 Cafe du Monde Coffee
1943 Centennial Flour Demoran
1943 Centennial Flour
1944 Centennial Flour Libke
1944 Centennial Flour
1945 Centennial Flour Rainiers Johnson
1945 Centennial Flour
1947 Centennial Flour Barrett
1947 Centennial Flour
1924 Cresent Ice Cream 13 Goodall Roy.jpg
1924 Crescent Ice Cream
Hanbury Baseball
1940 Crowley's Milk Frankie Silvanic
1940 Crowley’s Milk
F7-1 Nagurski.jpg
1937-38 Dixie Lids (F7)
Medwick Dixie Lids Premium.jpg
1937-38 Dixie Lids
Premiums (F7)
28FJ 4 Ruth.jpg
1927-28 Fro-Joy
Babe Ruth/Gene Tunney (F52)
Dizzy Dean 1936 Grape Nuts Premium Photo.jpg
1936 Grape Nuts
Dizzy Dean Prizes
Sample baseball advertising trade card from Set H 804-33
Gold Medal Coffee
Trade Cards (H804-33)
1943 Golden Quality Wilkes Barre Barons
1943 Golden Quality
Ice Cream
Cicotte W514
1919-21 H.A. Robinson /
Robinson Cruso (W514)
F50 06 Ruth Throwing.jpg
1928 Harrington Ice Cream
W514 Hendler Shawkey
1919-21 Hendler’s
Ice Cream (W514)
26H 04 Shirley.jpg
1925 Holland Creameries
Washington Senators
27HB 13 Roush.jpg
1927 Honey Boy
Ice Cream (FC59)
1940 Hughes Frozen Confections Barton
1940 Hughes Frozen
Confections (F66)

Humorous Sporting Series
1941 Huskies Cereal Trade Card
1941 Huskies Cereal
Trade Card
1916 Indianapolis Brewing
W515 Jersey Ice Cream (2)
1923 Jersey Ice Cream

(W515) Strip Cards
1938 Lew Fonseca Kellogg's Baseball School Box Panel
1938 Kellogg’s Lew Fonseca
Baseball Panels
F273 Kellogg Pep Stamps.jpg
1937 Kellogg’s Pep Cereal
Sports Stamps (F273-27)
1930s Knickerbocker Beer
Yankees Premium
1943 La Ambrosia Daniel Parra
1943 La Ambrosia
Base Ball Amateur
001 - Copy (3).jpg
McLaughlin Coffee XXXX
Children of Nations (K66)
1894 McLaughlin Coffee
XXXX Paper Dolls
1886 McLaughlin Coffee
XXXX Trade Card
1929 Nu-Grape Philadelphia Athletics.jpg
1929 Nu Grape / Nu Icy
Philadelphia A’s Premium
1920 Peggy’s Popcorn
Piel Beer Coaster
1939 Piel’s Beer Coasters
1930 Post Cereals Mathewson
1930s Post Cereal Famous
North Americans
1934 Ask Me Quaker Oats Puffed Wheat Game Card Orange
1934 Quaker Oats Ask Me (F279-1)
1934 Quaker Oats Flip Book Ruth Hitting a Homer.jpg
1934 Quaker Oats
Babe Ruth Movie Book
Ruth Quaker Oats Premium Photo.jpg
1934 Quaker Oats
Babe Ruth Premium

Runkel’s Cocoa and Chocolates
Trade Card
Babe Ruth Sanella Astra Margarine
1932 Sanella Margarine
F50 06 Ruth Throwing.jpg
1928 Sweetman Company (F50)
16TE Chase.jpg
1916 Tango Eggs
F50 06 Ruth Throwing.jpg
1928 Tharp Ice Cream
1930s Vancouver Peanuts Baseball
1932-38 Vancouver Peanuts
13VC Wagner.jpg
1913 Voskamp’s Coffee
 Babe Ruth Wheaties Flip Book
1932 Wheaties Babe Ruth
Flip Book
37W-9 05 DiMaggio.jpg
Wheaties Box Panels
1933 Wheaties Millers Postcard Dave Bancroft.png
1933 Wheaties
Minneapolis Millers
1939 Louisville Colonels Team Photo Premium.jpg
1937-39 Wheaties
Radio Appreciation Premiums
1933 Wheaties
Seattle Indians
Wheaties Skippy Baseball.jpg
1933 Wheaties Skippy
F50 06 Ruth Throwing.jpg
1928 Yuengling Ice Cream

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