PC-Cards (Postcards)


Fidler American Girl Basketball PostcardThe PC-Cards include various postcards. These postcards range in size but most are in the 3 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ range. Backs also vary but, in general, feature either a divider line to separate the recipient’s address and message or are without a divider line.

In addition to these cataloged issues, numerous postcards not recognized in the American Card Catalog exist. Some of these include collegiate players or individual generic subjects. Due to the large amount of those issues, they have not been included in this section.

Postcard Issues (Sets and Professional Players Only)

Anonymous College Girl Athletes Postcards Set
1907 Basketball Girls with Sweaters Postcards Set
1911 Edward Gross Fidler American Girl Series Postcards Set (Multi-Sport)
M. Greiner Women Basketball and Football Fans Postcards Set (Multi-Sport)
Reinthal & Newman Female Postcards Set (Multi-Sport)
1907 Sam Mortenson College Postcards set

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