P-Cards (Pins)


Thce P-Series includes various pins or buttons – not actual trading cards.

If you’ve not ever seen a pre-war pin in person, you might be surprised by the size of many of them. Many issues like the P2 Sweet Caporal pins and the PM8 Our National Game pins are diminutive, measuring less than 1″ in diameter.

Some, such as the PM6 Baseball Player Pins, measure less than 1/2″ in diameter. At that size, they look more like an oversized button on a shirt than a pin by today’s standards. Many of these are smaller in hand than you might expect.

When looking to purchase pins, a key factor is the inclusion of the pinback or cardboard insert that many pins had. The inserts often had things printed on them, such as the manufacturer name, an advertisement, etc. Pins that originally included those are more valuable if they remain intact.

Pins may be referred to as any number of names, including pins, pinbacks, or buttons.

Collectors should note that many more pins, even in the pre-war era, exist. This site has cataloged known sets that were included in the American Card Catalog and also uncataloged sets for a particular sponsor as well as individual pins of players running for election or those mentioning a special day honoring a player. Other unsponsored pins featuring individuals or teams have not been included here.


 1896 American Pepsin /
Whitehead Hoag Athletes (PE7-2)
PIN Play Ball Babe Ruth.jpg
1932 Babe Ruth
Universal Pictures Pin
 1928 Baseball Player Pins
 38AC Derringer.jpg
1938 Baseball Tabs Pins
1909 Bastian Gum Pin 32BL Fonseca
1930s Big League
Leader Pins (PR3-10)
PR3-11 Green Sox Left Field.jpg
1930s Blue Sox/Green Sox
Pins (PR3-11)
 1897 Cameo Pepsin Buffalo Team Pin.jpg
1898 Cameo Pepsin Gum
1929 Certified's Ice Cream Pin Hornsby.jpg
Certified’s Ice Cream
Wrigley Field Pins
1923 Chicago Evening American Pin Alexander
1920s/1930 Chicago
Evening American Pins
PR4 Ferrell
1930 Cracker Jack /
Button Gum Pins (PR4)
1911 Diamond Gum Pin Plank.jpg
1911 Diamond Gum Pins
PX3 Cronin.jpg
1930s Double Header
Buttons (PX3)
1910 Golden’s Clothing
Bill Donovan Pin
Dizzy Dean Grape Nuts Pin
1936 Grape Nuts
Dizzy Dean Pin
 Tokio Cigarettes Baseball Pin Shoot Kid.jpg
1910-12 Hassan/Tokio
Comics Pins (PB3)
09HIC Adams.jpg
1910 Hermes Ice Cream
Pirates Pins
1890 Heydt's Yankee Bread Batsman Pin.jpg
Heydt’s Yankee Bread
Pins (PD1)
1917 Honus Wagner Day Pin Proof
1917 Honus Wagner
Day Pin
 1904 Our Protection Against Loss Pin Wagner.jpg
1904 Honus Wagner
Our Protection Against Loss Pin
1911 John Tener Pin
1911 John Tener
Gubernatorial Pin
1909/1910 Juergens
Wheeling Stogies Pins
1929 Allegany County Wagner for Sherrif Pin.jpg
1925 Kant Novelty
Honus Wagner Sheriff Pin
1922 Kolb's Mothers Bread Pin Clarke.jpg
1922-23 Kolb’s
Mothers Bread Pins (PB4)
 Foxx Life Bread Pin.jpg
1936 Life Bread
Jimmie Foxx Pin
Hauser Lucke.jpg
1930 Lucke
Joe Hauser Day Pin
1931 Lucke
Don Heffner Day Pin
P13 Grant.jpg
1909-10 Luxello Pins
  1911 Mascot Gum Blair
1910 Mascot Gum
(Rochester) Pins (PE1)
1910 Morton Buster Brown Pin.jpg
1910 Morton’s
Buster Brown Bread
Tigers Pins (PD2)
Morton Pennant Winner Pin.jpg
1910 Morton’s
Pennant Winner Bread Tigers Pins
PD3 Johnson.jpg
1924 Mrs. Sherlock’s Bread Pins (PD3)
PB5-3 West.jpg
1920 & 1930s Mrs.
Sherlock’s Bread Toledo
Mud Hens Pins
1932 Orbit Gum Pins
(PR2 & PR3)
PM1 Mathewson.jpg
1915-19 Ornate Frame
Pins (PM1)
1938 Our National
Game Pins (PM8)
Ruth Quaker Membership Pin.JPG
1934 Quaker Oats
Babe Ruth Baseball Club
Member Pin
Babe Ruth Quaker Oats Champions Pin.jpg
1935 Quaker Oats
Babe Ruth Champions Pin
12SSG Hoffman.jpg
Sporting Goods Pins
1930s Jimmy Foxx Promo Pin Spencer Shoe
1930s Spencer Shoes
Jimmie Foxx Pin
Stenzel Rooter Buttons Pins
1904 Stenzel’s
Rooter Buttons
1909-12 Sweet Caporal
Domino Discs (PX7)
1910-12 Sweet Caporal
Pins (P2)
1940 Tip Top Bread Pin DiMaggio
1939 Tip-Top / Ward’s
Joe DiMaggio Pin
1934 Ward's Sporties Pin Rowe.jpg
1934 Ward’s Sporties
Pins (PD9)
1912 Whitehead Hoag Pin PM5.jpg
1912 Whitehead & Hoag
Pacific Coast League Pins (PM5)
1909 Winkelman's Quaker Bread Pin Baerwald.jpg
1909/1910 Winkelman’s
Quaker Bread Pins

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