1906 J. Tully Sports Children Postcards Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title J. Tully Sports Children Postcards
Year 1906
Size 3 3/8″ x 5 7/16″
Images Color
Type Postcards
Number in Set
14 (?)

1906 J. Tully Sports Children Postcards Overview

1908-j-tully-sports-children-postcard-football.jpgThese postcards featured various pictures of children representing different sports. The set features some minor sports but also has baseball and football, which are arguably the most desirable cards in the set.

No description or title is printed on the postcards other than the information that they are produced or distributed by J. Tully and copyrighted to 1906. All of the postcard backs have a simple divider line.

I have coined this set a sports set but some are feature children in non-sports capacities.

Dating Issues

The date on these is often stated as being copyrighted to 1908. That, however, is incorrect.

The copyright date is in a small font and the ‘6’ on the end often looks like an ‘8’. That has led to collectors citing this as a 1908 set. But the true date of this set is 1906. That is evidenced by examples that have been seen with a 1907 postmarked date. That would, of course, be impossible if it was a 1908 issue.

1906 J. Tully Sports Children Postcards Checklist

Note that other postcards could exist beyond the first and last numbers shown below.

249. Baseball
250. TBD
251. Golf
252. Pirate
253. Flower Child
254. Hunting
255. Football
256. Fishing
257. TBD
258. German Girl
259. Horse Racing
260. TBD
261. A Sport
262. Cowboy

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