C-Cards and V-Cards (Canadian)


V31 Dominion Chocolate Golf.jpgWhile most Canadian pre-war cards were understandably hockey issues, there are some featuring other sports, too.

C-Cards and V-Cards are Canadian issues. C-Cards represent cards produced by tobacco companies and V-Cards are those produced by candy/gum companies north of the U.S. border. Like the U.S. products, these cards were distributed with all sorts of sweets, including chocolate, candy, and gum. However, unlike in baseball, this classification in golf also includes tobacco cards.

With demand for these cards not reaching the same popularity as their American counterparts did, these are generally rarer and more difficult to find. Collectors of golf cards will usually pay a premium over what collectors for other cards would as they are highly desirable to them because of their rarity.

Many Canadian issues look significantly different than American cards. Canadian sets are often narrower by design.

Below are both C-Card and V-Card issues for the sport of golf.


1940s Cracker Jack Sports Baseball
1940s Cracker Jack
Sports (V410)

V31 Dominion Chocolate Golf
1925 Dominion Chocolate

1926 Imperial How it Happened Golf
1925 Imperial Tobacco
How it Happened (C31)

1925 Imperial How to Play Golf
1925 Imperial Tobacco
How to Play Golf (C17)
C25 Imperial Perils of Early Golf 1
1925 Imperial
Perils of Early Golf (C25)
Imperial The Reason Why - Golf Ball
1924 Imperial
The Reason Why (C32)

1935 O-Pee-Chee
Mickey Mouse (V303)
Tobacco Products Corporation of Canada Champions Basketball
1924 Tobacco Products
Corporation of Canada
V122 Willard Helen Willis Tennis
1924 Willard’s Sports
Champions (V122)

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