E-Cards (Candy)


E90 Bellv61-alexanderE-Cards consist of cards representing numerous candy and caramel companies. These cards, in general, are much rarer than tobacco cards.

Jefferson Burdick indirectly classified these as pre-1933 issues since his R-Card designation for later gum and candy cards was to be used for issues from 1933 and later. However, some issues, such as the 1929 Kashin set (R316) don’t follow that identification – likely because Burdick was unaware of the exact year of issue.

After the T-Cards, E-Cards are probably the most popular card designation. There are not only many E-Card issues, but some very significant sets. The two most popular, perhaps, are the E90-1 American Caramel release and the E145 1914 and 1915 Cracker Jack cards.

Companies printing these cards often used many of the same images, likely to help save the time and expenses necessary to produce new ones. For that reason, some of the E-Card sets look alike and are distinguished by their backs.

Those backs, by the way, sometimes contained checklists of the entire set when it was feasible. Several of these sets were limited to under 50 cards and having the checklist on the cards when they were produced certainly was a help to collectors when the cards were first released. Some other backs don’t list the entire checklist, but do state how many cards were in the set. And in the case of some, like the E90 American Caramel set, the number advertised was not accurate.

In addition to the numerous candy/caramel cards categorized by Jefferson Burdick in the American Card Catalog, several unreported sets exist as well, which are presented at the bottom. Some of these sets were even cards printed on the exterior of boxes and were perhaps even left out intentionally since they were not traditional cards.

Earlier E-Cards were generally colorful lithographs while later ones often used real, but black and white, images.

Looking to learn more on E-Cards? Here’s a bit more information.


1911 Aldon Candy
(Pacific Coast Biscuit/D310)
1910 All Star Baseball Boxes.jpg
1910 All Star Base-ball Candy
1909-11 American Caramel (E90-1)
 E90-2 10 Wagner.jpg
1910 American Caramel (E90-2)
E90-3 08 Gandil.jpg
1910 American Caramel (E90-3)
1908-10 American Caramel
E106 10 Cobb.jpg
1915 American Caramel (E106)
1922 American Caramel (E120)
pe121master2 - Copy
1921-22 American Caramel (E121)
1922 American Caramel (E122)
E125 Hartzell.jpg
1910 American Caramel
Die-Cut (E125)
 E126 American Caramel Ty Cobb
1927 American Caramel (E126)
 E98 05 Wagner Orange.jpg
1910 Anonymous Set of 30 (E98)
1909 Anonymous Set of 50 (E101)
1909 Anonymous Set of 25 (E102)
 1911 Any Confectionery.jpg
1911 Any Confectionery /
Felix Mendelsohn Prototypes
1910 AWH Caramels
Virginia League (E222)
Ruth Membership Card
1920s Babe Ruth
Home Run Candy Club
Membership Card
BBB 15 Collins
1911/1912 Baseball Bats Candy
Lewis Big Eater.jpg
1911 Big Eater
E99 02 Brashear.jpg  E99 Bishop and Company
1910 Bishop & Company
Pacific Coast League (E99)
E100-1 11 Lerchen Yellow.jpg
1911 Bishop & Company
Pacific Coast League (E100)
E221 Los Angeles Team Color.jpg
1910 Bishop & Company
Team Cards (E221)
E94 26 Murray.jpg
1911 Blome’s Chocolates (E94)
E107 Keeler.jpg
1903-04 Breisch-Williams (E107)
1909 C.A. Briggs (E97)
E94 26 Murray.jpg
1911 Close Candy (E94)
e254-hanford  E270-1 Colgan Chips
1909-12 Colgan’s Chips
Stengel E135 Collins McCarthy.jpg
1917 Collins-McCarthy (E135)
1912 Collins-McCarthy
Home Run Kisses (E136)
Collins E145 Cracker Jack
1914 Cracker Jack (E145-1)
Comiskey E145 Cracker Jack
1915 Cracker Jack (E145-2)
1907 Craker Jack Bears Baseball Postcard
1907 Cracker Jack Bears
Postcards (E147)
1909 Croft, Dockman,
Nadja (E92)
E123 Curtis Ireland
1923 Curtis Ireland (E123)
E271 Brown.jpg
1910 Darby Chocolates (E271)
E223 069 Greer.jpg
1888 G&B Gum (E223)
28GRC 2 Knocked Out 60 Home Runs.jpg
1928 George Ruth
Candy Company
Mel Ott Merrymints Rookie Card
1920s Goblin
Y95 Caruthers.jpg
1887/1888 HDS & Co. /
Scrapps Die-Cuts
1921-22 Henry Johnson

Humorous Sporting Series
J=K2   J=K1.jpg
1912 J=K Candy
E286 Cole.jpg
1910 Ju-Ju Drums (E286)
1921/1922 Keating Candy
1927-28 Mallorquina 14 Brown.jpg
1927-28 La Mallorquina
1929 Leader Novelty Candy
1921/1922 Lou Gertenrich Candy
1917 MacRobertson’s
Sports of the World
E105 13 Crawford.jpg
1910 Mello-Mint (E105)
1910 Nadja (E104)
E220 National Caramel (2)
1921-23 National Caramel
E98 05 Wagner Blue.jpg
1910 Old Put Cigar (E98)
1910 Orange Borders Box.jpg
1910 Orange Borders
E253 Schalk.jpg
1921 Oxford Confectionery
1909 Philadelphia Caramel
E96 02 Mack.jpg
1910 Philadelphia Caramel
 E300 19 Dahlen.jpg
1912 Plow’s Candy (E300)
E285 Rittenhouse - Hafey
1933 Rittenhouse (E285)

Runkel’s Cocoa and Chocolates
Trade Card
1921 Schapira 6 Ruth.jpg
1921 Schapira
Babe Ruth
1926 Big Show Candy Schalk.jpg
1920s Schapira Brothers
Big Show Candy
1921/1922 Shotwell
E93 21 Mathewson.jpg
1910 Standard Caramel
29SP 1929 Star Player Candy Ruth.jpg
1928 & 1929
Star Player Candy
Stollwerck Equipment Baseball Card
Stollwerck Chocolate Cards
E224 Texas Tommy
1914 Texas Tommy (E224)
1916 Village Maid

Sports of the World
W.T. Crane Lemon Drop Package Gus Williams.jpg
1910s W.T Crane’s Lemon Drops
Gus Williams
E268 Little Will-Burr Wilbur's Cocoa Card
Wilbur’s Cocoa
Little Will-Burr Card (E268)
E103 02 Bresnahan.jpg
1910 Williams Caramel
1921/1922 Witmor Candy
E210 York Caramel.jpg
1927-28 York Caramel
1911-38 Zeenuts

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