Y-Cards (Minor Types)


N. Orr Reward of Merit Baseball CardY-Cards are not a type of card frequently discussed. Some collectors, in fact, would be inclined to believe that someone was making the designation up if they heard it in conversation.

While not commonly used, Y-Cards are very much a thing in Jefferson Burdick’s American Card Catalog. He described this category as ‘Minor Card Types,’ focusing on types of cards that were not as widespread as others.

Y-Cards, by Burdick’s definition, included:

  • Rewards of MeritCards given out mostly by teachers to students as appreciation for a job well done
  • Tokens of Affection – Notecards with a loving sentiment
  • Name Cards – Personal business cards of a sort (cards for actual businesses are classified as trade cards)
  • Bible Cards – Various types of religion themed cards
  • Scrap Pictures – Die-cuts and/or embossed cards not classified elsewhere
  • Americana Miscellany – All sorts of non-card types of Americana, such as books, envelopes, documents, periodicals, magazines, stationery, song sheets, etc.

Y-Cards are primarily non-sports related issues. However, some baseball issues are known and they are presented below.


 Y95 Caruthers.jpg
1887/1888 HDS & Co. /
Scrapps Die-Cuts
N. Orr Reward of Merit Baseball Card
N. Orr Reward of Merit
1888 R and S Tuck.jpg
1888 R&S (Raphael/Rafael Tuck)

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