T-Cards (Tobacco)


1925 Turf Boguslavsky Wrestling

T-Cards represent American tobacco issues and are one of the most popular of the designations given by Jefferson Burdick in the American Card Catalog.

These were cards that were either packaged directly with tobacco products or issued separately by tobacco companies. Some wrestling issues are American cards. The bulk, however, are from other parts of the world. Several were part of multi-sport issues from the United Kingdom.

Tobacco cards were popular (and at least one even led to a marriage) but they were also being blamed for causing all sorts of problems related to children collecting them. After a temporary ban on American tobacco cards in the late 1800s, they came back with a bang in the early 1900s.

Of the various types of pre-war cards, wrestling is found the most in tobacco sets. While there are not many exclusive wrestling sets that were produced, there were a few such sets. The majority of pre-war wrestling cards, however, are found in sets where numerous sports were included.

Below is a list of pre-war wrestling card sets and multi-sport sets where a wrestling card can be found.

Looking to learn more about collecting tobacco cards? Here’s an introduction of sorts that I wrote, which covers their history.


AJ Coudens Monax Sports Alphabet - Wrestling (1924)
1924 A&J Coudens /
Monax Sports Alphabet
1936 Alfa Jesse Owens
1936 Alfa Olympics
1933 BDV Who's Who in Australian Sport Wrestling
1933 BDV Who’s Who in
Australian Sport
Bravour Boxing
1933 Bravour-Bilder Sport
1906 British American Tobacco Danish Athletes Boxing
1905 British American
Tobacco Danish Athletes
1917 Village Maid Wrestling
1917 British American Tobacco
Sports of the World
1932 Bulgaria Sport-Photos
George Hackenschmidt Cope Music Hall Artistes
1913 Cope’s
Music Hall Artistes
Cope Sports and Pastimes Wrestling
1925 Cope Brothers
Sports and Pastimes
Deutscher Sport Boxing
1934/1935 Deutscher Sport
(Bulgaria, Jasmatzi, Josetti,
1933 Deutscher Sport Tennis
1933 Deutscher Sport
GEG Cigarettes
1936 Dubek Wrestling
1936 Dubek Sports
1902 F&J Smith Golf
1902 F&J Smith’s
Champions of Sport
1924 Gallaher Wrestling
1924 Gallaher British
Champions of 1923
1932 Godfrey Phillips Australian Sporting Celebrities Golf
1932 Godfrey Phillips
Australian Sporting
1923 Godfrey Phillips Sports Top
1910 Godfrey Phillips
Sporting Series
1923 Godfrey Phillips Sports Top
1923 Godfrey Phillips
Hunig Mirah Sport Wrestling
Hünig Cigarettes
Mirah Sport Wrestlers
of the World
1930 J.A. Pattreiouex Celebrities Wrestling
1930 J.A. Pattreiouex
Celebrities in Sport
T229 John L Sullivan
1910 Kopec Cigarettes
Sports Champions (T229)
T227 Zbyszko Wrestling
1912 Miners Extra /
Honest Champions (T227)
1907 Mitchell Sports Wrestling.jpg
1907 Mitchell’s Cigarettes
Muratti Wrestling
1935-36 Muratti
1915-16 Obsequio de Susini
Ogden ABC of Sport Wrestling
1927 Ogden ABC of Sport
1913 Ogden's Boy Scouts Wrestling
1911-14 Ogden Boy Scouts
1908 Ogden Pugilists and Wrestlers George Hackenschmidt Wrestling
1908 Ogden
Pugilists and Wrestlers
Frank Gotch 1908-09 Pugilists and Wrestlers Wrestling Boxing
1909 Ogden
Pugilists and Wrestlers
1901 Ogden Tabs John Sullivan Boxing
1901-02 Ogden Tab
General Interest
1902 Ogden's Cigarettes Douglas McEwen Golf
1902 Ogden Tabs
Pet Cremer Hockey
1936 Pet Cremer Olympia
T229 Frank Gotch
1910 Pet Mouthpiece Sports
Champions (T224/T229)
Players Wrestling and Ju-Jitsu
1913 / 1925 Player and Sons
Wrestling & Ju-Jitsu
1910 Reed
Boy Scouts Series (T45)
1932 Reemtsma Wrestling
1932 Reemtsma Olympia
1936 Reemtsma Wrestling
1936 Reemtsma Olympia
1910 Taddy Wrestlers
1910 Taddy Wrestlers
1925 Turf Boguslavsky Wrestling
1925 Turf/Boguslavsky
Sports Records
1936 United Tobacco Wrestling
1936 United Tobacco
in South Africa
Vittoria Egyptian Cigarette Tennis Card
1932 Vittoria Egyptian
Cigarettes Sports Series
1917 Village Maid Wrestling
1917 Wills
Sports of the World

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