Many collectors are unaware that lacrosse has been around since the pre-war era. The sport actually dates back to the 17th century, well before sports cards were being issued. The sport is said to be the oldest organized sport in North America and, in fact, derives from games played by Native Americans long before the 17th century origins.

Played in Canada, many of the early stars of the sport were also hockey players. And the premier lacrosse issues according to most collectors are the famous C59, C60, and C61 Imperial sets, issued around 1910. But numerous lacrosse cards are also found in other multi-sport sets, even if they are not cataloged in the American Card Catalog.

While lacrosse cards are scattered individually, there are few sets that are exclusively dedicated to the sport. Known ones are provided below.


Imperial Lacrosse (C59)

Imperial Lacrosse (C60)

Imperial Lacrosse (C61)

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