Most collectors today wouldn’t consider aviation a sport. But in the pre-war era, these cards were almost always considered to be sport issues.

Similar to auto racing, aviation did not start to gain popularity, really, until the early 1900s. But the sport found its way into several multi-sport sets and was even featured in some aviation-exclusive releases.

Below are known sets featuring only aviation or those where aviation is a significant part of the series. Note that, this page has a focus on the aviators, not necessarily just the planes themselves. So sets like the 1940 Wings Cigarettes set, which merely is a set of airplane cards, are not included here.

Many aviation cards are not terribly popular with sports collectors. However, cards featuring iconic figures, such as Amelia Earhart and the Wright Brothers, have become very sought after.


1938 Anonymous Aviation
Strip Cards (R132)

1935 Ardath Speed
Land, Sea, and Air

1911 Aviators (T38)

1936 Carreras
Famous Airmen & Airwomen

1941 Goudey Skybirds (R137)

1935-39 Heinz Famous Aviators

1935 Lambert and Butler
Famous British Airmen & Airwomen

1938 Mars
Aeroplanes, Pilots, and Airports

1933-34 National Chicle
Sky Birds (R136)

1933 Orami Heroes of the Air
(Series H)

1930 Wills Speed

1938 Wills Speed

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