Pre-War Football Card Sets


The game of football was still growing in the pre-war era. However, there were still a decent number of football cards floating around before 1940, including the groundbreaking 1935 National Chicle set and the 1894 Mayo Plug cards.

The first recognized American Football card is that of Yale’s Harry Beecher. His card can be found in the popular N162 Goodwin Champions set.

While some later pre-war issues included professional football players, many pre-war football cards feature collegiate players. Several of those are generic in nature not depicting any particular players.

HereĀ are sets from the pre-war era that featured American football cards. Multi-sport sets that contained other sports in addition to football cards are denoted below. In addition to these sets, numerous collegiate postcard sets were issued in the 1900s, which have been omitted.

Cards are classified by type below.


1937 D146 Donut Company of American Thrilling Moments
1929 Peoples Baking


B33 College Pennants / Felt Blankets (Multi-Sport)
1936-38 BF3 Felt Pennants (Multi-Sport)


1926 Amatller Chocolate
1933 C.A. Briggs (Multi-Sport)
1933 Goudey Sport Kings (Multi-Sport)
1935 National Chicle
1930s R79 Leader Discs (Multi-Sport)
1930s R161 Walt Disney Comics (Multi-Sport)
R311 National Chicle Premiums (Multi-Sport)
1926 Shotwell Candy Red Grange Set (with Ad Backs)
1926 Shotwell Candy Red Grange Set (Movie Series/Blank Backs)
1928 Star Player Candy
1925 V31 Dominion Chocolate Athletic Stars (Multi-sport/International)


1938 Dixie Lids (Multi-Sport)
1938 Dixie Lids Premiums (Multi-Sport)
1937 Kellogg’s Pep Stamps (Multi-Sport)
Wheaties Panels (Multi-Sport)


1934 Goudey Sport Kings Varsity Game Cards
1925 Ya-Lo Football Game Cards
1934 Ya-Lo Football Game Cards


1905 J. Bergman College Girls/Pennants Postcards


S21 Murad College Series (Multi-Sport)
S22 Murad College Series (Multi-Sport)
S23 College Yell Silks (Multi-Sport)


1915 Hinds Cream Stamps (Multi-Sport)
1917 Youth’s Companion Stamps (Multi-Sport)

Strip Cards

1926 W511 Strip Cards (Multi-Sport)
1927 W560 Strip Cards (Multi-Sport)
1925-31 W590 Strip (Multi-Sport)


Aguilitas Cuba Deportiva (Multi-Sport/International)
1934 Carreras Believe it or Not (Multi-Sport/International)
1929 Imperial/Churchman Sports & Games in Many Lands (Multi-Sport/International)
1894 Mayo Cut Plug
1935-36 Muratti Cigarettes Olympic Sports (Multi-Sport/International)
1888 N162 Goodwin Champions (Multi-Sport)
1889 N165 Goodwin Games and Sports (Multi-Sport)
T6 Murad College Series – Cabinet Cards (Multi-Sport)
T49 Schulte College Series (Multi-Sport)
1910-11 T51 Murad College Series (Multi-Sport)

Trade Cards/Paper Dolls/Blotters

1890s Blue/Striped Uniform Trade Cards
1933 Brown and Bigelow Gandolfi Wines Blotters
College Schedule Blotters (Various)
Enameline College Colors Paper Dolls (Multi-Sport)
1939 Gridiron Greats Blotters
1896 H818 Spalding Die-Cuts (Multi-Sport)
Mentholatum Football and Hockey Blotters (Multi-Sport)
1930 Rogers Peet Clothing (Multi-Sport)
Royal Portable Typewriter Blotter
1926 Spalding Champions (Multi-Sport)


1933 U5 Diamond Matchbooks Silver
1934 Diamond Matchbooks
1934 U8 Diamond Matchbooks College Rivals
1935 Diamond Matchbooks
1935 U8 Diamond Matchbooks College Rivals
1936 Diamond Matchbooks
1937 Diamond Matchbooks
1938 Diamond Matchbooks
1935 Indiana Sport Avion (Multi-Sport/International)
1939 Ross Jewelry Washington Redskins Matchbooks
1931/1932 Walker’s Cleaners and Tailors Packers Photos

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