D-Cards (Bakery)


1878 Huntley and Palmers GolfD-cards represent cards from various types of bread/baking companies. These were usually packed in loaves of bread or other baking-related items.

Most issues were relatively standard, but some unique D-cards do exist. The D146 Donut Corporation of America Thrilling Moments set featured cut out cards from boxes of donuts.

Most bread issues are relatively scarce by comparison to other more common candy and tobacco cards. These were almost certainly printed in much smaller quantities and practically every bread issue is a somewhat difficult one to find.

Note that some bread cards listed below are considered as parts of other issues. For example, the Barker Bread baseball cards were W514 strip cards with the Barker Bread name stamped/printed onto the backs.

Bakery issues with golf cards are listed below.


D146 Donut John Sullivan Boxing
1937 Donut Corporation of
America Thrilling Moments
1878 Huntley and Palmers Golf
1878 Huntley and Palmers
D134 Weber Colored Pictures Golf
1920s Weber Baking
Mystic Colored Pictures (D134)
W551 Gene Sarazen Golf
1921 Wool’s
American-Maid Bread

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