Auto Racing

While auto racing is popular now, it took a while for it to become popular in the pre-war era, mostly because automobiles were just starting to be widely used.

But there are auto racing cards in the pre-war era, starting around 1900. The most popular of the pre-war auto racing sets is the T36 Auto Drivers release, issued by the American Tobacco Company.

It should be noted that auto racing sets are not always easy to define. While some cards do depict actual race car drivers, others have only generic subjects, making it sometimes difficult to discern between an auto racing card and merely someone driving a car.

Below are known sets focusing only on auto racing or other ‘speed’ related sets where auto racing had a major presence.


1935 Ardath Speed
Land, Sea, and Air

1911 Auto-Drivers (T36)

1908 Garfield’s Tea Syrup
New York-Paris Auto Race
Trade Cards

1910 Turkey Red
Automobile Series (T37)

1930 Wills Speed

1938 Wills Speed

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