While the sport has probably lost some of its popularity, in the pre-war era, billiards had become quite the fascination. The top players, including greats such as Willie Hoppe, were among the more popular ‘athletes’ in some circles.

There are not many billiards cards but they do exist and even were included in the early ‘Champions’ tobacco card sets from the 19th century. Billiards only sets were mostly limited to instructional issues endorsed by actual players, depicting a variety of shots.

Below is a list of sets that consist only of billiards cards or where billiards cards have a significant presence.


1888 Allen & Ginter (N28)

1928 Foursome Cigarettes
Billiards Shots

1888 Goodwin Champions

1928 Ogden’s Billiards
by Tom Newman

1934 Ogden’s Trick Billiards
by Newman-Mond

Snider’s and Abraham’s
Billiard Tricks

1910-12 T218 Champions
(Honest, Mecca, Tolstoi)

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