1938-39 Larus and Brother Boston Bruins Hockey Photos Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Larus & Brother Boston Bruins Photos
Year 1938-39
Size 8″ x 10″
Images Black and White
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1938-39 Larus & Brother Boston Bruins Hockey Photos

Item Image

Larus and Brother was a small tobacco manufacturer based in Virginia.

According to the state’s historical society, the company was founded in 1877 when Charles and Herbert Larus purchased the Harris Tobacco company and renamed the firm. The new company was quite successful, expanding its reach across the country, and lasted nearly a full century before closing in 1974.

For the 1938-39 season, the company produced a set of Boston Bruins hockey photos. Though founded in Virginia, the firm had a distribution center in Boston in the 1930s, which would explain the link to the Bruins.

The photos are black and white with a player image, name, and position, along with the Boston Bruins name, printed on the fronts. As the set was only a limited regional issue, it is difficult to find.

No hockey card set was issued in 1938, making this (along with the 1938-39 Quaker Oats photo set) likely one of the few professional hockey collectibles available to fans from that year.

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