Collins E145 Cracker JackPre-war cards don’t often find their way into the television media, but they do occasionally. Here are some videos featuring these early collectibles.

  • ABC News – Grandmother’s $1 million pre-war collection appraisal
  • Antiques Roadshow – Appraisal of a Babe Ruth Home Run Candy Club Membership Card
  • CNBC American Greed – Story of Bill Mastro Altering T206 Honus Wagner Card
  • Crescent News – Detailing the Famous E98 Black Swamp Find
  • ESPN Outside the Lines – Using Forensic Science to Prove T206 Honus Wagner authenticity
  • Magic of David Copperfield – David Copperfield Rips and Restores Wayne Gretzky’s T206 Honus Wagner (Reprint)
  • Pawn Stars – Autographed 1933 Goudey Cards
  • Pawn Stars – Babe Ruth Rookie Card Reprint
  • Pawn Stars – Cy Young E90-1 American Card
  • Pawn Stars – Review of a PSA 10 Babe Ruth W515 Strip Card
  • PSA – PSA Details the Ty Cobb T206 Lucky 7 Find
  • WTAE-TV (ABC) – Story of Nuns’ Honus Wagner Card
  • YouTube – Opening an Original Piedmont Cigarettes Pack in Hopes of Finding a T206
  • YouTube – The Original Honus Wagner T206 Card

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