1924-25 C144 Champ’s Cigarettes Hockey Card Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title C144 Champ’s Cigarettes
Year 1924-25
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 1/2″
Images Black and White
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

C144 Champ’s Cigarettes Overview

C144 Howie Morenz.jpg

The 1924 C144 Champ’s Cigarettes hockey card set includes 60 black and white cards. The release was printed in Canada. Georges Vezina is a key card in the issue.

Like the C57 set, these included black and white images on the front. Backs included a short biography of each player.

C144 Champ’s Cigarettes Stanley Cup Card

In addition to the Vezina card, another key card in the set is No. 59 – that of the famous Stanley Cup. While the first time the Stanley Cup was awarded was in 1893, this may be the first time it was depicted on a hockey card simply because pre-war hockey issues from the 1890s through the early 1900s were scarce.

The card was printed as a filler because the set was missing pictures of several players that apparently were to be included. The Stanley Cup card was a replacement for those players as part of a contest.

The text on the card reads as follows:

“Pictures of Stewart, Matz, Cotch and Gorman were not available at the time of going to press. Those who are interested in our Hockey Contest may substitute this insert for any or all of these players.”

PSA has graded more than 1,000 of these cards.

C144 Champ’s Cigarettes Checklist

  1. Jock Adams
  2. L.B. Andrews
  3. Clint Benedict
  4. Louis Berlinquette
  5. Edmond Bouchard
  6. Billy Boucher
  7. Bob Boucher
  8. Harry Broadbent
  9. Billy Burch
  10. Dutch Cain
  11. Earl Campbell
  12. George Carroll
  13. King Clancy
  14. Odie Cleghorn
  15. Sprague Cleghorn
  16. Alex Connell
  17. Carson Cooper
  18. Bert Corbeau
  19. Wilfrid Coutu
  20. Clarence Day
  21. Cyril Denneny
  22. Charles Dinsmore
  23. C.A. Dye
  24. Frank Finnigan
  25. Vern Forbes
  26. Norman Fowler
  27. Redvers Green
  28. Short Green
  29. Curley Headley
  30. James Herberts
  31. Fred Hitchman
  32. Albert Holway
  33. Stanton Jackson
  34. Aurel Joliat
  35. Louis Langlois
  36. Fred Lowrey
  37. Syl Mantha
  38. Albert McCaffrey
  39. Robert McKinnon
  40. Herbert Mitchell
  41. Howie Morenz
  42. Dunc Munro
  43. Gerald Munro
  44. Frank Nighbor
  45. Reg Noble
  46. Mickey O’Leary
  47. Goldie Prodger
  48. Ken Randall
  49. George Redding
  50. John Ross Roach
  51. Mickey Roach
  52. Sam Rothschild
  53. Werner Schnarr
  54. Ganton Scott
  55. Alfred Skinner
  56. Hooley Smith
  57. Chris Speyers
  58. Jesse Spring
  59. Stanley Cup
  60. Georges Vezina

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