1910-11 C56 Hockey Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title C56
Year 1910-11
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 5/8″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1910-11 C56 Hockey Overview


The 1910-11 C56 set is considered the earliest hockey card set. Despite being designated as C56, it actually precedes the C55 set by one year.

Produced in Canada, The Art Ross card is a key card in the issue. The design is similar to other pre-war tobacco sets from the same era. Fronts include a color lithograph inside of a white border with the player’s name and team at the bottom.

PSA has graded nearly 3,000 of these cards to date.

1910-11 C56 Hockey Checklist

  1. Frank Patrick
  2. Percy Lesueur
  3. Gordon Roberts
  4. Barney Holden
  5. Pud Glass
  6. Edgar Dey
  7. Marty Walsh
  8. Art Ross
  9. Angus Campbell
  10. Harry Hyland
  11. Herb Clark
  12. Art Ross
  13. Ed Decary
  14. Tom Dunderdale
  15. Fred Taylor
  16. Joseph Cattarinigh
  17. Bruce Stuart
  18. Nick Bawlf
  19. Jim Jones
  20. Ernest Russell
  21. Jack Laviolette
  22. Riley Hern
  23. Didier Pitre
  24. Skinner Poulin
  25. Art Bernier
  26. Lester Patrick
  27. Fred Lake
  28. Paddy Moran
  29. C. Toms
  30. Ernest Johnston
  31. Horace Gaul
  32. Harold McNamara
  33. Jack Marshall
  34. Bruce Ridpath
  35. Jack Marshall
  36. Newsy Lalonde

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