N-Cards (19th Century Tobacco)


keefeN-Cards are tobacco cards from the 19th Century when trading cards first arrived. In addition to the N-Card designated issues, many releases were printed that were not cataloged. Those issues are listed at the end in alphabetical order.

One important distinction regarding Jefferson Burdick and N-Cards is that his American Card Catalog did not classify N-Cards the way that we do today. His book actually catalogued N-Cards as Central and South American tobacco cards. Today, collectors categorize N-Cards as tobacco issues in the 19th Century.

While some N-Cards are crude in design, many also feature some excellent lithography. Issues such as N28/N29 Allen & Ginter and N162 Goodwin, for example, are considered among the finest trading card sets in terms of the artwork.

Many N-Cards feature color lithography. Some, however, look drastically different. Issues such as the N172 Old Judge set feature actual sepia-tone photographs that were printed then mounted onto cardboard backing. Many of these types of cards have faded over time, making them difficult to preserve. N-Cards that were similarly produced have a premium placed on them if the images are clear.

Note that this page contains only 19th Century tobacco cards here. Other 19th Century cards appear on other pages and grouped together as similar items. Any 19th Century card not fitting a particular classification can be found on the U-Card page, which contains all sorts of miscellaneous issues as was intended by Burdick.

Catalogued Issues

1884 and 1886 H807-1 Virginia Brights Black Stocking Nine Cabinets
1884 H807-2 Virginia Brights Polka Dot Nine
1888 N28 Allen & Ginter (Multi-Sport)
1889 N29 Allen & Ginter (Multi-Sport)
1889 N43 Allen & Ginter (Multi-Sport)
1886 N48 Dixie Cigarettes Girl Players
1886 N48 Virginia Brights Black Stockings
1888 N86 Duke’s Cigarettes – Perilous Occupations (Multi-Sport)
1888 N88 Duke’s Cigarettes – Terrors of America
1888 N104 Duke – Comic Characters
1888 N135 Duke – Talk of the Diamond
1889 N136 Duke – Terrors of America (Jumbo)
1893 N142 Duke Tobacco Cabinets (Multi-Sport)
1888 N154 Duke – Presidents
1888 N162 Goodwin Champions (Multi-Sport)
1889 N165 Goodwin Games and Sports (Multi-Sport)
1886 N167 Old Judge Cigarettes (Multi-Sport)
1886-90 N172 Old Judge Cigarettes
1888-89 N173 Old Judge Cigarettes – Cabinet Issue
1887 N175 Gypsy Queen
1887 N184 Kimball Champions (Multi-Sport)
1889 N228 Kinney Brothers (Six Types)
1887 N284 Buchner Gold Coin Tobacco
1888/1889 N285 Buchner Morning Glory Maidens
1894-95 N300 Mayo’s Cut Plug
1896 N301 Mayo’s Game Cards
1888 N321 Hess Cigarettes California League
1888 N333 Hess Cigarettes Newsboy League
1888 N338 Hess California League
1888 N338 Hess Big League
1888 N352 Consolidated Cigarette Company / Paxi Cigarettes
1892 N360 Little Rhody/S.W. Venable Tobacco Base Ball Scenes
1887 N370 Lone Jack St. Louis Browns
1888 N403 Yum Yum Tobacco
N508 Allen & Ginter/Sub Rosa Girl Baseball Players
1889 N526 Number 7 Cigar
1887 N557 Little Rhody Cut Plug Women National Sports
1895 N566 Newsboy Cabinets
1887 N690 Kalamazoo Bats
1887 N690-1 Kalamazoo Bats Cabinets
1887 N693 Kalamazoo Bats Team Cards

Uncatalogued Issues

1887-93 Baseball Currency
1887 Four Base Hits Tobacco
H804-39 Baseball Comics – Duke’s Cigarettes Cameo Studies
1888 H814 Duke Presidential Club Cabinets
1887-1888 Gypsy Queen California League (Greenhood and Moran)
Henry Reccius Cigars Honus Wagner
1893 Just So Tobacco
1886 Lorillard’s Plug Tobacco – Team Issue
1886-87 Red Stocking Cigar Cards
1887 H.D.S. & Co. / Scrapps Die-Cut Cards
1888 Sporting Extra Cigarettes
1888 Sporting Times Cigars

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