1902-1913 Turkish Trophies / Hamilton King Girls Set and Checklist (T7)

‘It’s In The Details’

Title T7 Turkish Trophies / Hamilton King Girls Set
Year 1902-1913
Size 6″ x 8″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

T7 Turkish Trophies / Hamilton King Girls Overview

t7_hamilton_king_cardThe T7 Turkish Trophies / Hamilton King Girls set is made up of a total of six subsets. Each subset features girls in a variety of themed cards and various occupations. The cards are slightly oversized and considered by some to be cabinet cards.

The six subsets in the T7 issue include a total of 111 cards. The breakdown of the subsets is as follows:

T7-1: Sketch Series (various sketches) – 12 cards
T7-2: Girls Series (various girls) – 12 cards
T7-3: Beach Girls Series (girls at beaches) – 12 cards
T7-4: Period Gown Series (dresses from different eras) – 25 cards
T7-5: Flag Girls Series (flags of different nations) – 25 cards
T7-6: Sports Girls Series (different sports / other girls) – 25 cards

For sports collectors, the most relevant subsets are the first and last ones, T7-1 and T7-6. Cards in the others are of the non-sports variety for the most part.

T7-1 features girls playing hockey, tennis, and golf. T7-6 has basketball, golf, tennis, rowing, yachting, fencing, polo, and skating. The 25-card T7-6 subset is identical to the S58 Hamilton King Girls silks set.

Of particular note to non-sports collectors is set T7-5, which includes girls with flags from various nations. Later cards in 1908 were created by Wills of this subset, which includes a card of a girl representing the United States of America. The flag subset is dated to 1903.

The cards were created between 1902 and 1913. See here for pictures of all of the T7 subset issues.

T7 Turkish Trophies / Hamilton King Girls Checklist

The only sports issues are the T7-1 and the T7-6 subsets and those checklists are below. Others are not included because they were solely non-sports subsets. The T7-6 checklist is the same as it is for Hamilton King’s other S58 and L5 issues.


  1. Girl wearing red
  2. Girl walking dog
  3. Girl with riding crop
  4. Golf girl
  5. Sailor girl
  6. Hockey girl
  7. Ping pong girl
  8. Tennis girl
  9. Girl in car
  10. Girl with tree
  11. Girls dancing
  12. Girl with slip


  1. Horse show girl
  2. Fencing girl
  3. Yachting girl
  4. Tennis girl
  5. Polo girl
  6. Rowing girl
  7. Golf girl
  8. Basketball girl
  9. Skating girl
  10. Serpentine dancer
  11. Cabaret dancer
  12. Light opera dancer
  13. Spanish dancer
  14. Old Pt. Comfort girl
  15. Newport girl
  16. Coney Island girl
  17. Atlantic City girl
  18. Asbury Park girl
  19. Coronado Beach girl
  20. Bar Harbor girl
  21. Long Beach girl
  22. Palm Beach girl
  23. Narragansett girl
  24. Long Branch girl
  25. Manhattan Beach girl

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