1902 F&J Smith Champions of Sport Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title F&J Smith Champions of Sport
Year 1902
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 1/2″
Images Black and White
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1902 F&J Smith Champions of Sport Overview

1902 F&J Smith GolfThese early cards featured vintage pictures of several athletes, including golfers and cricket players. Cards were distributed by F&J Smith’s in their packages of cigarettes.

The golfers are generally seen as the keys to the set and the issue includes several early cards of key players. The cards featured black and white images on the front with semi-thick dark borders, similar to the early 1900 Ogden cards. Also included here is a wrestling card featuring George Steadman.

Two different ink colors on the back are known – red and blue. While rarity of the two backs is still somewhat in the air, to date, PSA has graded significantly more red back cards than blue.

1902 F&J Smith Champions of Sport Checklist

  1. Baddeley
  2. W. Peall
  3. W. Mitchell
  4. C. Dawson
  5. Sid Thomas
  6. Volodyovski
  7. Diamond Jubilee
  8. Flying Fox
  9. H.M. Cannon
  10. F. Rickaby
  11. W. Priaulx
  12. Lieutenant Yates
  13. Corporal Ommundsen
  14. Private Ward
  15. Bocquillion
  16. H. Vardon
  17. W. Haines
  18. Downer
  19. James Braid
  20. J.H. Taylor
  21. John Ball
  22. Tom Morris
  23. Eugene Sandow
  24. E.J. Wilkins
  25. Daly
  26. Sycamore
  27. Hawk
  28. W.G. Grace
  29. S. Markham
  30. H. Davis
  31. Harding
  32. W.A. Barry
  33. Sayers
  34. Hilton
  35. L.E. Laidley
  36. George Steadman
  37. W.J. Sturgess
  38. E.C. Bredin
  39. M.A. Holbein
  40. K.S. Ranjitsinhji
  41. A.C. McLaren
  42. F.W. Chinn
  43. J. Platt-Bates
  44. Jarrot
  45. Chase
  46. MacColl
  47. J.A. Jarvis
  48. G.C. McWattie
  49. Mike Ryan
  50. Tom Robertson

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