1936 Pet Cremer Olympia Set

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Pet Cremer Olympia
Year 1936
Size 2 1/2″ x 3 1/4″
Images Black and White
Type Miscellaneous
Number in Set

1936 Pet Cremer Olympia Overview

1936 Pet Cremer Olympia Basketball.jpg

The 1936 Pet Cremer set was one of several German issues that covered the 1936 Olympics held in Berlin. As was the case with others, it was a multi-sport set that covered games from the Olympics. Because the event was held in Germany, the sets have a decided German focus on that country’s teams and athletes.

Numerous sports were profiled in the set, but the major American sports included were baseball, basketball, and hockey. Track and field dominates the set with roughly 1/4 of the set focused on those events.

Hockey, by far, had the most representation of those sports. There were six hockey cards included compared to only one basketball and one baseball. In addition, while the U.S. was a big part of those Olympic games, they are only represented once among those eight cards as the basketball card features a game between the U.S. and Canada. The basketball card features Team USA’s star player, Joe Fortenberry reaching for the ball. Here’s a closer look at the few 1936 Olympic cards featuring basketball. Boxing and wrestling are also covered.

Americans are covered in other sports throughout the set, including track and field star Jesse Owens, who was included on a total of three cards. Owens’ cards, particularly the one showing him as an individual as opposed to a group picture, are often regarded as the most valuable ones. However the baseball and boxing cards have risen in value and can be priced highly by sellers understanding their rarity.

Still, the importance of Owens’ card cannot be understated and today, they are heralded as near rookie cards. Pet Cremer certainly understood their importance with two of the three No. 2 and No. 3 in the set’s checklist.

A final sought after card is that of Olympic champion skater Sonja Henie.

One note is that these cards are commonly referred to as tobacco cards but that is not correct. Pet Cremer actually produced cleaning/soap and laundry products. Thus, these are best fit under the Miscellaneous Card header in the American Card Catalog.

The sports are mostly grouped together by sport. Here is a general breakdown of the set by card number:

  • 1-35: Track and Field
  • 36-43: Boxing/Wrestling/Weightlifting
  • 44-53: Gymnastics
  • 54-56: Fencing
  • 57-59: Pistol Shooting
  • 60-62: Cycling
  • 63-71: Polo/Equestrian Sport
  • 72-75: Soccer/Rugby
  • 76: Basketball
  • 77-81: Handball/Field Hockey
  • 82-97: Swimming/Diving/Water Polo
  • 98-111: Rowing/Boating
  • 112: Baseball
  • 113-126: Skiing/Miscellaneous
  • 127-130: Bobsled
  • 131-144: Ice Skating/Hockey/Miscellaneous


Pet Cremer - Baseball (1936)The baseball card is an interesting one. It features Japanese players who scheduled to play a demonstration game against the United States. The sport was not a fully recognized one at the games but Japan was to play against the Americans in an exhibition. However, they ended up not appearing. Japan did help bring the sport to Germany, however, showing up in the country prior to the Olympics.

The baseball card is a redux of sorts of one found in the 1932 Sanella set. That set was also a German release and included a card featuring an unknown Japanese catcher. As I covered here, the player shown on that card likely features Japanese Hall of Famer Jiro Kuji. This card features two Japanese catchers, both also unknown.

The catcher seen standing is wearing the same type of shin guards as found on the one from the Sanella set. That player could also be Kuji but no definitive link is known. The other catcher waiting for a pitch could be Nobuo Kura, who was a featured Japanese catcher on some of the team’s international efforts. Again, however, nothing is definitive.

1936 Pet Cremer Olympia Checklist

Pet Cremer HockeyBelow is a checklist of the cards.

  1. Die Deutschen siehen ins Olympische Dorf ein (German Olympic Team)
  2. 100m race with Jesse Owens
  3. Jesse Owens in the 200m
  4. Williams vs. Brown in the 400m
  5. 800m race with John Woodruff
  6. Lovelock, Cunningham, and Beccali
  7. Lehtinen vs. Murakoso
  8. Glen Hardin in 400m race
  9. Murakoso vs. Iso-Hollo in 10,000m race
  10. Towns in 100m hurdles
  11. Tuominen and Iso-Hollo in 3,000 race
  12. 4x100m Team USA with Jesse Owens, Metcalfe, Draper, Wykoff
  13. 4x100m Team England
  14. 4x400m Team Germany
  15. Kitei Son in marathon
  16. Long
  17. Cornelius Johnson
  18. Whitlock 50km
  19. Tajima
  20. Meadows and Nishiba
  21. Barlund, Woellke, and Stock
  22. Carpenter
  23. Jaervinen and Stock
  24. Hein
  25. Morris
  26. Helen Stephens in 100m
  27. Women’s 80m hurdles
  28. Fleischer, Kruger, and Kwasniewska
  29. Albus, Kraus, Dollinger, Dorffeldt
  30. Women’s 4×100 race
  31. Mauermaner, Weiss, and Mollenhauer
  32. Csak, Kaun, and Odam
  33. Oberleutnant Handrik
  34. Ubba, Handrick, Leonhard
  35. Leutnant Lemp
  36. German wrestlers
  37. Wagner, El Touni, and Ismayr
  38. Bsenicka, Manger, and Luhaaar
  39. Schafer
  40. Wrestling mats/matches
  41. Kaiser
  42. Runge
  43. Virtanen and Tozzi
  44. Dietrich, Edart, and Buhne
  45. German women’s gymnastics team
  46. German men’s gymnastics team
  47. Alfred Schwarzmann
  48. Eugen Mack
  49. Mack, Schwarzmann, and Frey
  50. Hudec
  51. Belle
  52. Volz
  53. Erna Burger
  54. Gardere, Gaudini, and Bocchino
  55. German fencing team
  56. Mayer, Preiss, and Schacherer
  57. Jamonnieres, Ullman, and Krempel
  58. Hax, Van Oyen, and Ullman
  59. Van Oyen
  60. Merkens, Karsch, Ihbe, and Lorenz
  61. Charpentier
  62. Merkens
  63. Polo – Argentina vs. England
  64. German polo players
  65. Argentina polo players
  66. Bollay, Gerhard, and Oppeln-Bronikowski
  67. Oberleutenant Bollay
  68. von Mangenheim
  69. Hauptmann Stubbendor
  70. Rittmeister Lippert
  71. Oberleutnant Hasse
  72. Men’s Italian soccer team
  73. Men’s Austrian soccer team
  74. Germany vs. Luxemborg soccer
  75. Italy vs. Austria soccer
  76. Team USA basketball vs. Canada (Joe Fortenberry)
  77. Dyan Chand
  78. Germany vs. Austria handball
  79. India vs Germany field hockey
  80. India field hockey team
  81. Germany handball team
  82. Csik
  83. Terada and Medica
  84. Kiefer
  85. Sietas and Hamuro
  86. Japanese Swimmers – Yusa, Sugiura, Taguchi, and Urai
  87. German water polo team
  88. Stork, Root, and Wayne
  89. Female divers
  90. Marshall Wayne
  91. Jentsch-Jordan and Gestring
  92. Maehata and Genenger
  93. Women’s swimming 100m race
  94. Holland 4×100 women’s swim team
  95. Dina Senff
  96. German 4×100 women’s swim team
  97. Ria Mastenbroek
  98. Gustav Schafer
  99. Kaidel and Pirsch
  100. Edstein, Rom, Karl, and Menne
  101. Eichhorn and Strauss
  102. Gustmann, Arend, and Adamski
  103. Maier, Bolle, Gaber, Gollner, and Bauer
  104. Der Endkampf im Achter (Rowing)
  105. Ernst Krebs
  106. Horn and Harnisch
  107. Wevers and Landen
  108. Hradezky, Eberhard, and Hormann
  109. Olympic sailing
  110. Bischo, Kagchelland, and Weisse
  111. Die 6-m klasse auf fahrt (sailing)
  112. Japanese baseball players
  113. Galutschiessen zur Eroffnungsfeier (Cannons in snow mountains)
  114. Christl Cranz
  115. Birger Ruud
  116. Lantischner and Psnur
  117. Larsson
  118. Hagen
  119. Blid von der fleinen Olympiaschanze (skiing)
  120. Gustav Adolf
  121. Bergstrom, Wikstrom, Larsson, Biklund, Englund
  122. Die Deutsche Patrouille (German patrol / skiers)
  123. Italian skiers
  124. 4×10 km race (skiing)
  125. Jalkanen
  126. Willi Bogner
  127. Die Eismaurer bei der arbeit (skiing)
  128. TBD
  129. Hohe Gafte (men in coats)
  130. Team USA bobsled
  131. Sonja Henie
  132. Women’s figure skaters
  133. Herber and Baier
  134. Cecillia Colledge
  135. Schafer and Inada
  136. Canadian ice hockey team
  137. Canada vs. Hungary (ice hockey)
  138. Japanese hockey player in game against England
  139. Harter Kampf ums Tor (hockey game)
  140. Rudolf Hess
  141. England hockey team
  142. German hockey team
  143. Colonel Udet flying over Rissersee
  144. Die träger von fünf olympischen medaillen (Norwegian olympians with five medals)