1925 Turf Cigarettes Sports Records / Boguslavsky Set

1925 Turf Cigarettes George Sisler

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Turf Cigarettes/Boguslavsky
Year 1925
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 5/8″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

Turf Cigarettes Sports Records / Boguslavsky Set Overview

International pre-war baseball cards aren’t always easy to track down, but a rare UK issue offers collectors one of them – the 1925 Turf Cigarettes Sports Records / Boguslavsky set.

A George Sisler issue is the final card in the 50-card release (two series). The set focuses on various sports records held by athletes around the world and Sisler is recognized for his batting average.

The Sisler card is interesting for a few reasons. The back states he was included in the set for establishing a new American League batting average record of .420. However, the record really belongs to Nap Lajoie, who established it in 1901 by hitting .426 when playing for the Philadelphia Athletics, a new American League team. There was likely some confusion on the part of the creator of the card since Lajoie previously played for the Philadelphia Phillies in the National League until joining the Athletics in 1901.

The back of the Sisler card also mentions he would be added to a baseball monument. It doesn’t appear that monument was never actually created in the original form discussed, but had ties to some early origins for the Baseball Hall of Fame.

While no football, basketball, or hockey cards are found, there are numerous other sports familiar to American collectors such as boxing, soccer, golf, and tennis. The first 25 cards comprise the first series while the last 25 are the second.

Turf Cigarettes Sports Records / Boguslavsky Set Checklist

Below is complete checklist for the set:

  1. Lawn Tennis
  2. Shot Put (Putting the Weight)
  3. Hammer Throw (Throwing the Hammer)
  4. Skating
  5. Sprinting
  6. Pole Jumping
  7. Running
  8. Cricket
  9. Walking
  10. Swimming
  11. Golf
  12. High Jumping
  13. Motor Racing
  14. Flying
  15. Motor Cycling
  16. Gliding
  17. Yachting
  18. Horse Jumping
  19. Trains
  20. Steamers
  21. Flat Racing
  22. Coursing
  23. Rowing
  24. Steeplechasing
  25. Sculling
  26. Cricket
  27. Bowls
  28. Soccer (Football)
  29. Marathon
  30. Lawn Tennis
  31. Billiards
  32. Fencing
  33. Boxing
  34. Chess
  35. Wrestling
  36. Golf
  37. Whippet Racing
  38. Hunting
  39. Ski-Running
  40. Rugby
  41. Cross Country Running
  42. Furthest South Pole
  43. Water Polo
  44. Punting
  45. Cycling
  46. Mountain Climbing
  47. Throwing the Javelin
  48. Highest Dive
  49. Gordon Bennet Cup Balloon Race
  50. Baseball (George Sisler)
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